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Time is surely strange
Sometimes it passes by so fast
we want to stop it
and sometimes it feels
like it barely passes at all.

When I can meet you again
the time passes by like in a minute.
and until I can meet you again
it seems like I have to wait
for years.

But now it's nearly time again
and I can hold you in my arms again.
We can hold hands and hug each other
even if the time is short.

When I have to let you go
I want to hug you again
and be with you longer.
Just "one more minute".
Written on: 2013 September, 4th
Dedicated to: Someone very special.

This is just a small poem about how time seems to pass by so much faster when you are with someone who's important to you. So important, that even days seem to fly by in a minute. And so you just want to stay with them One more minute
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September 11, 2013
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