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I will be honest, that just by the name you gave for this piece of art "Quetzalcoatal", I would expect it a bit more fierce, but at the...

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I'm yours, Gwendolyn. BxG
"Kevin, when you guys get married, will you promise me that you will take care of Gwen, and make sure that she's always happy? " Ben asked.
"Why? I mean, of course I promise to do that, but why do you need to mention it?"
"I don't know dude, guess because I'm a little worried, that's all. After all, she's the only family I have left, after Vilgax killed my parents. "
"Nothing to worry about, brother, I'm going to take care of her very well."
"Yeah, that's what I needed to hear. Well, I need to go. Thanks."
"See you at the wedding, Ben."
As Ben walked out of Starbucks, Kevin thought to himself, 'Poor Ben. So now who does he come home to? If I were him, I won't kill Vilgax; I'll beat the living hell out of him and make him wish he was dead.'
Ben drove off with his black Lambo and went back home.
When he opened his bedroom, he was surprised to see Julie in bed with another guy whom he didn't know. Julie, surely taken aback, didn't know what to say.
"B-Ben, I can e-explain. Y-Y
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Just so you're happy Gwen. BxG
He's lost it. The hazelnut-haired teen boy has lost himself. He doesn't know anything anymore. He doesn't talk to anyone anymore. He locks himself up in his room, only going out to get some food outside. His parents don't know what's wrong with him, since it seems he has severed his connections with everyone he has ever known. He's been trying to hold on to his sanity for the last 6 months, knowing he can still do something. But right now, there's nothing else he can do anymore. The wedding's tomorrow. All these years of hidden, unrequited love will remain just that forever, hidden, and unrequited. For years he tried to tell her, but the fear of getting rejected held him back. After all, no member of their clan, from his side or hers, would allow such a relationship even if his emotions were returned by the one he loves. He's all alone now, and the only thing accompanying him is his Z-Boy, a handheld Z-Box, which had only one game in it, Sumo Slammer X.
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Kevin Lance Jakes
United States
(Okay i just worte this only the first line was what it was supossed to be but it turned into this.)

To be "Gentle as a Dream BUT Cruel as Reality" is a long lost art. I am gentle to few but cruel to most. I'm the purest you will find in heart and soul, but that's if you can see past my icy shadow. I've lived only 19 years and have come to learn more than my fair share of sorrows and joys, births and deaths, loves and hates, allies and enemeies, hopes and fears, compassions and avarices, yet I seem to have gained much wisdom and knowledge and yet it at times escapes me how much more I must learn. I will become the Protector of those I hold dear and their Avenger by mastering the art of being "Gentle as a Dream BUT Cruel as Reality". For this I must say, have I lost my way? Countless times but I learn and return to what I know to be true no more to what I know is fact. I'm just me and that's all I wish see but most may tell you what they think of me, in truth they don't know me. I keep a mystery or secret that I will never tell all hidden behind my Icy Dark Veil. I let people know not to cross me, I let them know I could be their friend, just as I also let them know to leave me be. Am I a Dream? Or, am I Reality? To answer this look into your heart, mind, and soul and watch as the fututre unfolds. I lost part of who I was once and I am not sure if I should mourn the loss or embrace it. I am an Eternal Dreamer for I dream all that was, is, and will be and yet often they hold no reflection on me. They mean that and this, is something a miss? Symbolism is perception which I have come to understand yet I have an everlasting mystery on my hands. I have a few select friends who see part of the real me but I must say that they still don't know me. This my be too much of a deep rant but I just have to say this not sure why but remeber my words for they are true, the reflection might be you.


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