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nouveKDEGray is a gray KDE/LXQt icon set designed for use ONLY against sufficiently dark backgrounds. With dark styles, it can change the look and feel of KDE/LXQt considerably. It also includes a lot of extra places icons, that can be used to distinguish special folders.

Nonnative apps may not use theme icons for the task manager or tray, some apps have nonstandard desktop files, and some others have built-in icons. Nothing can be done for such apps in the theme.

Latest Changes:

6 Jan 2020

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Thankyou! Very nice!

Have used this icon set for past few years as it sits nicely with most of the black / bluish themes I use. Will say your icon set is probably the best ive used / seen etc and always seems to play nicely on my desktop.

You seem to have covered most of the icons for most of the common software, which is sadly lacking in most other icon 'packs'

Your sir, remains supreme.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all the hard work developing these.

Dear Tsu Jan, I want to say thank you again for not abandoning this theme. I continue to use it (for more than four years) and still find it the most stylish monochromatic icon set ever been made for KDE.
I'd like to kindly ask you to look at several apps. If you have some time to create icons for them I'd be exceedingly grateful.
These apps are:

deadbeef (foobar2000 clone),
double commander (total commander clone),
atom (text editor), 
sublime text (another text editor),
xnviewmp (image viewer)

also, I'd like to me
ntion retroarch game emulator and jetbrains IDEs (intellij idea, clion, pycharm, rider etc)

Live long and prosper! Cheers.
THANKS for you work!! I switched to KDE (KDENeon) and the KDE Plasma 5 seems to be hard work for icons.. Many don't seem to work, icon manager refuses to download icon packs or install them manually :| ..These were just the perfect monochrome icons what look I wanted and also they seem to work everywhere ie. file manager, desktop etc..
Just extract
copy to /usr/share/icons/nouveKDEGray
chown root:root /usr/share/icons/nouveKDEGray

Did I say thank you already, and just regged to this site to say this!;)
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You're very welcome. Glad to know that this set works for you. It has a long history and I try to keep it up-to-date, adding a few symlinks/icons to it once in a while, when I find some free time.
This icon pack is essential in making a clean, and elegant monochromatic desktop on KDE. I use it with the Wonton Soup colour scheme, and the diamond window decorator and desktop theme.
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Thank you for the feedback!
Are there going to be a version for KDE plasma 5 anytime?
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nouveKDEGray IS for Plasma5 as well as LXQT. Maybe you haven't put its folder in the Plasma5 icon folder, which is ~/.local/share/icons
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Thanks for your feedback!
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Hello! First of all I would like to say thank you for this huge amount of work. This icon set is very solid and tidy. There are some missing icons and I prefer yellow folders to see the difference between folders and files easily, except that it's perfect. I would like to kindly ask you to put it to GitHub, then it will be easy to... (here was a long list of github features, but I've found that you already have a github profile :) )
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I'm quite active at GitHub (Kvantum and LXQT) but, IMO, PNG icon sets shouldn't be put there because the concept of "source" is meaningless for them, on the one hand, and they would bloat GitHub for no good reason, on the other hand.

> There are some missing icons

I'd be grateful if you give me their names. However, please be patient: most of my free time is dedicated to Kvantum and LXQT.

> I prefer yellow folders to see the difference between folders and files easily

I understand but nouveKDEGray is supposed to be a monochrome set (with some exceptions). It also has colored folder icons (yellow included), which you could use to distinguish special folders.
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i ilke the theme very much and would like to package this for our distribution - did you ever think about pubish this with sources on github?
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I'm glad you like the theme.

For an icon set, the "source" is usually the set itself. I made these icons by using various methods with Inkscape and Krita. Most of them are SVG-based but, most of the time, I didn't just exported PNG from SVG. The SVG files are a such mess that I prefer to focus on creating icons with high quality rather that doing the boring task of organizing their SVG origins.

That said, a simple Makefile and a debian folder could be created to package the whole set into a deb package, and a similar thing could be done for rpm too. That's rather a distro job though.

Oh, sorry. Seems that I am blind, I didn't notice that you just answered the question about github. Anyway, you said that they are svg based - that is cool and that means that svg files are the source. If you put it on github as-is, then you'll be able to focus on creating icons when someone else will provide you with pull requests for organizing svg origins. Doesn't it make sense?
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No problem!
Yes, they're *mostly* SVG-based but (1) they aren't made just by exporting SVG to PNG, and (2) the SVG icons are a real mess ;) and I have no time (or motivation) to make them tidy.
Also my reply to 9rief's comment may be relevant here.
However, thanks for your comment!
Both comments were left by me, sorry for the mess :)

SVG could be optimized with automatic tools like…, I would do that if I'd had SVGs. If you just don't want to share them - that's ok - just say :)

Regarding missing icons - I can prepare the list but it would be pretty huge, starting with retroarch, dosbox, obs, xnview, doublecmd, sublime...
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> Regarding missing icons - I can prepare the list but it would be pretty huge...

nouveKDEGray isn't supposed to cover the whole Linux ;) It's rather for Qt apps, although it covers many non-Qt apps that are OFTEN used in KDE and LXQT (like Firefox). Its counterpart, nouveGnomeGray, is mainly for GTK+ but, as I've distanced myself from GTK+, I have no plan to add icons to it. Anyway, neither is my priority now. I'll just try to keep them usable within reasonable limits.
You should add a Spotify icon ;)

Good work!
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I'll add an icon for Spotify with the next update; it doesn't do any harm ;)
Thanks man. I love your icons and they are going to stay on my Manjaro for a long time.
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