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This is a light gray icon set for GNOME, to be used with dark GTK themes. I made it based on my other icon set, nouveGnome… . Its icons are designed for use against sufficiently dark backgrounds.

nouveGnomeGray depends on the GNOME icon theme, which is provided by the package gnome-icon-theme in Debian-based systems.

Recent Changes:

5 Oct 2017
Small additions.

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hi there could i ge the icons somehow i like them a lot

I like this, please, can you make an icon for Parabola GNU/Linux?
Just great! An icon theme that goes well with dark desktop themes. I really like it for its clarity and have been using it for two years or so.

One thing I noticed: Since Linux Mint switched to using their so-called "X-Apps" (editor, image viewer, pdf viewer, etc.), some icons in the tool bars and menus are just gray squares. I've tried fiddling around with changing the theme file and copying icon files to no avail. But then I don't really know much about this stuff. Could you maybe look into this?
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BTW, I installed Nemo (which I know is developed by Mint devs) under LXQt (my DE) and Manjaro (my distro). All icons are from nouveGnomeGray here.
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Thanks for your comment!

I'd be grateful if you tell me the exact names of the missing icons, so that I could add them later. Being a developer of Qt apps and working under non-GTK DEs, I'm far from the GTK+ world but could make this icon set more complete with GTK+ users' help.
The ones concerned are Xviewer (the image viewer), Xplayer (the multimedia player), and Xreader (the PDF viewer). I'm not 100% sure if these are the correct ones, but I think it's the following:

These four are used in both tool bars and menu items and belong into 16x16/actions:


Regarding the preferences icon, apparently the following two are also required in 16x16/categories:


There is a folder icon missing that is used in Nemo to access recently used files. It is called folder-recent and other themes use a folder with a clock symbol on it. E.g., there's folder-recent.svg in the places/128 folder of the Mint-X theme.
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All of the symbolic icons you mentioned are already included in nouveGnomeGray. Please note that the symbolic icons should have a slightly different look (no shadow).

Therefore, the missing icons (which are replaced by gray squares, as you told) can't be the above ones.

The only missing icon is folder-recent.
Well, what can I say? I just checked again and I'm afraid that is not correct.

The symbolic icons (indeed without shadow) included in nouveGnomeGray are indeed present in the scalable/actions and scalable/categories directories as SVG files, but not as PNGs the 16x16/actions and 16x16/categories directories. What *is* present in 16x16/actions and 16x16/categories are the PNG files of the non-symbolic variant, i.e., with shadowing.

I was able to get the icons displayed correctly in the apps by placing files with the names I mentioned in the 16x16 directories.

Hm, maybe some problem with the packaging of the theme?
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There's no need for them to be in 16x16/actions. Please see lines like the following ones in "index.theme":


I think your system may have a problem with SVG or, perhaps, "index.theme" has an issue in your case. I can't know that for sure but I know there's nothing wrong with the theme.

This theme is the best for dark themes.   Really well done.  Thank you.
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Thanks for your comment!
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Thanks! Not using gtk DEs, I haven't updated it for a long time.
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Great set! These are my icons of choice. Thanks so much!
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Thanks for your feedback!
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Thank you, much appreciated.
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Thanks for the new release! Looks good!
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You're welcome!
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Of course I'm talking about proper GTK standards, what part of my conversation did I say to not follow this?

/usr/share/icons/gnome, /usr/share/icons/hicolor and PARTLY /usr/share/pixmaps...

Also you forgot that in the users $HOME ~/.icons is also an acceptable /path.

Icons in Linux get placed where they are suppose to go, these icons I'm requesting, have nothing to do with breaking standards.

My concept of a GTK icon theme set, is what it's suppose to be! I'm not changing or breaking this concept, but somehow you thought I was by requesting these apps for icons, not sure why...

Anyhow, hopefully the air is clear now LOL...

Again, these are good applications that needs icons, placed where they are suppose to go... :)

Thank you again...
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Free Time I get it...

But there are some very popular apps I don't see icons for, that you should at least include for these 5 below;


If in time, when you have some free time, if can PLEASE consider these others below, I'd be greatly appreciative! :)






redshift - written as 'redshift-status-off' & 'redshift-status-on' for the taskbar icon

Thank you again...
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DevyGrl, this isn't helpful at all! And this is my last reply to such requests:

A GTK icon theme should ONLY cover what can be installed in /usr/share/icons/gnome, /usr/share/icons/hicolor and PARTLY /usr/share/pixmaps. Conky?! lxappearance?! xkill?! OpenVPN?!... I don't want to challenge your concept of a GTK icon theme -- it's not my business -- but that's the concept I have and will stick to -- free time or not!

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Oh how sad, 8 months later and no icons I requested...

Why do they have to be app icons, can't you, or won't you at least create an original icon if there isn't one created and only a logo?

You mentioned this before, but I don't understand, if you are an artist, why it has to be this way?

thank you
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This is the logical explanation (that I think I gave you before -- at least implicitly):
(1) Some apps use their own icons and don't pick up any icon from the theme.
(2) I don't want to bloat the set unnecessarily. If an existing icon can serve another purpose, I'll make a symlink, NOT A NEW ICON. If you have two image viewers with the same nouveGnomeGray icon, for example, that's YOUR choice but most people don't use two image viewers under the same DE.
(3) I DID add some of the icons you wanted (mumble, sandbox,...). For the other ones see the point (1) above!
(4) I'm a developer rather than an artist but when I need an icon set, I make it myself and then share it with others. Rational requests for more icons are welcome, especially when I don't use the apps in question.
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Awesome!!! Thanks for Your works!
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