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nouveGnome is a colorful icon set for GNOME, compatible with most light GTK themes. It isn't a complete icon set but depends on GNOME Desktop icon theme. nouveGnome is inspired by nuoveXT.

For a gray variant, compatible with dark themes, see nouveGnomeGray:…

Recent Changes:

Feb 27 2014


Made lots of symlinks for non-Gnome, GTK-based DE's.

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Looks like this is no longer being worked on. Shame really, I hate the current mega-ugly flat crap that everyone seems to be doing nowadays. :\
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I don't use gtk anymore; so I left nouveGnome as it was. However, I try to keep nouveGnomeGray up-to-date and rely on gtk users for that.
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Perfectly alright. Especially as GTK+ seems to be focusing on GNOME at the expense of other GTK desktops these days.

Turns out I'm trying to learn Qt right now (QtQuick currently, the C++ stuff later). Couldn't get the thing to work on my Windows installation. I'm going to dual boot with Fedora and see if I can get it to work there. XD

My ultimate goal is to start work on a flexible plugin-based desktop environment. Probably using some KF5 components (definitely Solid, Solid would save a lot of headache methinks). ;)
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6 years ago, when someone asked, "Qt or GTK+, which one is better?", the answer was, "both are good," but now Qt is definitely better.

For DE, I'd recommend LXQt  (its latest GitHub version). If you're a Qt programmer, you're always welcome to join the team.

For styling Qt apps, you could use Kvantum (from GitHub).

I like and code in Qt but, personally, I dislike QtQuick/QML because its styling capability is minimal -- just an opinion.
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Thanks! I'll keep those in mind! ;)

Are you part of the LxQt team? That's so neat! :D
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Yes, I joined the team a year ago and mostly work on pcmanfm-qt -- but not only it. If you try LXQt, please use its latest version because it's always being actively developed. The GitHub version is stable enough most of the time.
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like the use of colors ! Like the set , great work ....
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Would you be willing to port this set to KDE?
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I've ported nouveGnomeGray to KDE as "nouveKDEGray :) It isn't finished yet.

I may do the same thing for nouveGnome in the future.
Hello Tsujan,

I downloaded your new file. Everything worked well and this beautiful blue bird found its colors.

Thank you for your understanding, your availability and your quickness.


Snamiac (France).
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You're very welcome.
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Your're welcome.
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Nice icon set Tsujan...
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Thank you, Ivan :)
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awesome work!
i request in 3 groups ,please accept and join in :squee:
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Thank you very much!
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My gReat Pleasure :D
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You're welcome!
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