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KvGray for Kvantum


KvGray is a gray Kvantum theme (… ) for KDE plus an Arorae decoration, a Plasma theme and a matching GTK2 theme.

Installation: After making sure that you have installed the LATEST version of Kvantum from the above link, run "Kvantum Manager" from the Utilities menu and it will guide you through the installation and selection of this theme.

Please read the file INSTALL for more information!

For a Dark variant (KvDark) see…

NOTE: KvGray is among Kvantum's extra themes now. Please USE THE THEME THAT COME WITH KVANTUM instead!

Latest Changes:

27 Jan 2015
* Reduced the image size by cloning SVG objects.
* Corrected a typo.

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You're welcome! Glad to know you enjoy it!
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Just updated the engine from github, nice work :-) looks better and better
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Thank you very much! Yes, Kvantum is being actively developed. I also update the 64-bit deb package at kde-look once in a while. The Arch packages (by metak) are usually up-to-date too.
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I like the github updates, like living on the edge :-)
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I'm just using your GTK2 and must say it is so EXCELLENT! :D
I love it! Thank you so mush!
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It rocks yeah :-) I agree but as im using KDE now I'm glad the KDE version is there too :-)
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I'm glad you like it :) It was the best I could do for a GTK2 theme that would match KvGray but it can be used independently, of course.
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Very impressive theme!
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Many thanks!
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You're most welcome!
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