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GnomishDark is a clean dark theme for GTK3. It also contains a GTK2 theme, that depends on the latest Murrine and Pixmap engines.

*** Current Dependencies ***

GTK3 = 3.12.X (works with 3.10 too)
gtk2-engines-murrine >= (for GTK2)
gtk2-engines-pixbuf >= 2.24.10 (for GTK2)
Metacity >= 2.34 (for GTK2)

*** Notes ***

1) Ubuntu users could disable "overlay-scrollbar" if they want to have the original scrollbars of the theme. See…

2) Don't forget to take a look at the file "README" in the theme folder. It contains useful tips for LibreOffice, Firefox, Epiphany, etc.

3) Light monochromic icons go well with this theme. I've made the gray version of nouveGnome… for it.

Recent changes:

Mar 4 2014
Added a matching Unity theme for Ubuntu Trusty.

Apr 14 2014
Goodbye Adwaita!
Updated for GTK+-3.12 (still works with 3.10).

May 9 2014
Added support for Gnome's client side decorations.

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Hi, after 4 years this theme and a lot of variations still continous been one of the most used for a lot of people. For me is one of the most elegant I have seen. But as always, the latest gtk3 updates have broken absolutely all (fonts, colors, bars...) ¿Do you have intentions to do an update on this this theme or will be deprecated? I guess four years involves a lot of work....
(I run arch with openbox)
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I'll try to update it for gtk-3.20 after it comes to Debian Testing (no promise). However, considering the continuous sabotage Gnome devs do, I couldn't do such updates for every new version of gtk.

It's a long time that I've migrated to Qt environments (KDE and LXQt) and developed Kvantum for Qt. I've added two themes to Kvantum (KvDark and KvDarkRed), which are very similar to GnomishDark but more elegant. Since the theme engine (Kvantum) is mine, no one could break them and, after all, unlike Gnome devs, Qt devs respect backward compatibility as far as possible. Some Linux users don't know that gtk3 isn't essential at all. Right now, I have only 2 gtk3 apps, which I could easily replace by Qt or gtk2 ones (but I saw no reason for that).
Thanks for your quick response. Gtk3 really is a continuous headache with each update. In fact I'm thinking to migrate my applications to qt. I'm starting to get tired of fighting with gtk3.
I'll try with your kvantum themes  Your work is really great
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I took a look at the source of gtk-3.20. Gnome3 devs have never respected backward compatibility or the needs of GTK3 users. Instead of fixing old bugs, they create new ones, which they call "features". This time, they made so many senseless changes that any effort for updating this theme seems absurd to me. I don't say it's impossible but it would waste hours of my free time for nothing!

I suggest you get rid of gtk3 apps as far as possible and use the default Adwaita theme for the remaining ones. If you insist on having several gtk3 apps and you're in a Qt DE (KDE or LXQt), you could choose KvGnome or KvGnomeDark from Kvantum to have a uniform look for all gtk2, gtk3, Qt4 or Qt5 apps. (for a dark Adwaita-like gtk2 theme, see…).

If you use Enlightenment, my only suggestion is replacing gtk3 apps with Qt ones and using the default Kvantum theme, which is similar to the default E theme. For gtk2, install the gtk2 part of… .

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> I'll try with your kvantum themes
You wouldn't need to download any theme; just install Kvantum (by compiling it from GitHub or by installing the deb or arch packages from and several themes will be available for use. Run "Kvantum Manager" for more info!
I haven't see your last reponse until today. Thanks friend. Your work is really great!!!
the icons arent working what do i do
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For the icons see…

BTW, I haven't updated GnomishDark for the latest GTK, so it may not work well. See the explanation inside the archive.
Love the theme.
I've noticed that the May 9 version turns text on tooltips in Chrome white, while leaving their background yellow, making them unreadable.
Unfortunately Chrome themes don't seem to touch the tooltip colours =(
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I thought I could fix it in the theme but it's a known Chromium bug:… Fortunately it's fixed in the latest version of Chromium.
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Yes, that happens with the recent versions of Chromium. I'll try to fix it soon.
Where would I find the Unity theme for Trusty Tahr?
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If you put GnomishDark's folder in /user/share/themes, its Unity theme will be used alongside its GTK+ theme after changing dconf-editor > org > gnome > desktop > interface > gtk-theme to GnomishDark.
Thanks a million tsujan for this beautiful Gnome Theme. I have been using this theme for a long time. I use it on my Arch-Gnome. Great artwork, Keep it up. Clap Clap

I hope and encourage you to release fixes for gnome 3.10 soon.
(Yesterday I updated to Gnome 3.10 and the shell-theme in particular is not behaving as it should).
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Thanks a lot for your feedback.

As I (and also many people, who make Gnome3 themes or create Gnome3 extensions) have pointed out elsewhere, the Gnome devs have a bad habit of breaking themes with every new release, as if they don't want any other theme for Gnome3. Their disrespect for users and also for developers wasn't my only reason to leave Gnome for KDE in 2012. However, I still have my Gnome-based Debian and will update GnomishDark as soon as a stable version of Gnome-3.10 comes to Debian.
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Great job.

I just changed the grey/blue (#3b3b3e) in #3F3F3F and I adopted it. Thanks.
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Thank you :) BTW, it's still for Gnome 3.6.You're welcom
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However, that works so very well with OpenBox. It was just necessary to make a home-made OB theme. ;) (I can share it if you want, that can be useful)

I don't use Gnome3, never tested moreover.
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I appreciate your offer but I prefer not to extend my GTK+ themes and might even remove their Cinnamon part. Since the appearance of Gnome-3.6 , I migrated to KDE and, although I'll maintain and update my GTK+ works, my focus is on KDE now.
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Is there any feedback on using gnomishdark on Linux Mint w/ MATE desktop ?
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If you mean if I've received feeadbacks from Linux Mint users, I'm not sure. But there have been comments from Ubuntu users and My own distro is Debian. So, there should be no problem in Mint.

BTW, GnomishDark is still for Gnome-3.6 and NOT 3.8. I've modified it for 3.8 but will upload it only after Gnome-3.8 comes in Debian Unstable (for more testing).
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I'm using linux Mint/MATE Q 17

The only glitch I have run into is facebook [COMMENT] boxes using firefox browser  - white text on white background  :(    The [PEOPLE SEARCH] input field is normal dark text on white background.  

[SOLVED]  Installed Firefox add-on F.B. PURITY and changed the text color to a dark blue

No such problem with the chromium browser.

Anybody have a lead/hint on the fix for this ?  

Thanks-In-Advance :)
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Have you done what is explained about Firefox in README?

BTW, I have no intention to update GnomishDark for GTK-3.14. Changes in GTK3 are so illogical and whimsical that I find no reason to follow them anymore. So, the later versions of GTK3 will break GnomishDark soon and you might have to return to the default theme. Its GTK2 part will work though.

The only GTK3-GTK2 theme that I'll continue to update is E17gtk (… ) because of its use under Enlightenment.
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For those wondering how to install this here's a great tutorial from NixiePixel:[link]
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