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GnomishDark is a clean dark theme for GTK3. It also contains a GTK2 theme, that depends on the latest Murrine and Pixmap engines.

*** Current Dependencies ***

GTK3 = 3.12.X (works with 3.10 too)
gtk2-engines-murrine >= (for GTK2)
gtk2-engines-pixbuf >= 2.24.10 (for GTK2)
Metacity >= 2.34 (for GTK2)

*** Notes ***

1) Ubuntu users could disable "overlay-scrollbar" if they want to have the original scrollbars of the theme. See help.ubuntu.com/12.10/ubuntu-h…

2) Don't forget to take a look at the file "README" in the theme folder. It contains useful tips for LibreOffice, Firefox, Epiphany, etc.

3) Light monochromic icons go well with this theme. I've made the gray version of nouveGnome tsujan.deviantart.com/art/nouv… for it.

Recent changes:

Mar 4 2014
Added a matching Unity theme for Ubuntu Trusty.

Apr 14 2014
Goodbye Adwaita!
Updated for GTK+-3.12 (still works with 3.10).

May 9 2014
Added support for Gnome's client side decorations.

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Hi, after 4 years this theme and a lot of variations still continous been one of the most used for a lot of people. For me is one of the most elegant I have seen. But as always, the latest gtk3 updates have broken absolutely all (fonts, colors, bars...) ¿Do you have intentions to do an update on this this theme or will be deprecated? I guess four years involves a lot of work....
(I run arch with openbox)