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Charades (AvengersxReader) One-Shot
Tony Stark was walking by the Avengers living room when he heard what sounded like you shouting nonsense at the confused God of Thunder.
“Alright,” you said, calming down from your little scream fest. “The topic is Heroes & Villains. Ready?”
“Most ready, Lady (Name),” Thor said. 
“Remember: Up is correct and down is pass. Don’t do it too hard though. I don’t want you to break my phone.” 
Several seconds past and Tony had to listen intently to see if he would miss anything being said. Usually he would have passed by without so much of a care, however, this particular day he was very bored and had been wandering around the tower wondering what to do with himself. His plan was to go pester Bruce but now he thought otherwise. Why not pester you for a change? 
“Oh!” you gasped several seconds later. “This is easy! Okay, so he can be an ass sometime—”
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 761 196
Honesty Day (LeviXReader)
(General warning of language you mother fuDGERS AHAHA YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA SAY SOMETHING ELSE okay sorry I’m done on to the story)
“Is everybody here?” Hanji asked, clapping her hands together while bouncing excitedly up and down on the balls of her feet.  Her glasses sat askew on the bridge of her nose, and it seemed that if she smiled any more her face might rip open.
Glancing around, you took note of the other unfortunate souls in the room.  Jean, Eren, Armin, Sasha, Mikasa, Connie, Krista, Ymir, Reiner, Berthold, Mike, and even Erwin and Levi.  Wow, you thought, though not really surprised.  What were all of you doing, sitting in a circle of chairs in the middle of the mess hall?  
You had no clue, only that Hanji had set this up, which meant things would either becoming horribly awkward or embarrassing for everyone.
“Okay, this looks like everyone!  Let’s get started!” The titan-lover adjusted her glasses
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 674 113
Out of Tea (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language my dears)
You walked quickly down the hall towards the kitchen, desperate for a drink.
A drink of water because H2O YEAH GOTTA STAY HYDRATED.
You were a thirsty little shit (in more ways than one) and constantly went back and forth from the kitchen to get more water.  You were coming close to the kitchen, and your throat parched in anticipation of the icy goodness it was about to receive.  
Around a corner up ahead, coming for the way to the kitchen, came Eren and Hanji at a sprint.  The pair skidded to a stop in front of you, eyes wide with terror.
“Hey guys, what’s u-“You began, only to be cut off by Eren.
“[F/n], whatever you do, stay away from the kitchen,” He said, hands shaking slightly.
“But why no-“
He shoved his index finger against your lips and leaned down so his eyes were at the same level as yours.  “Stay. The. Fuck. Away. From. The. Kitchen.&
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 787 197
~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 4
"Oi, _____, where are you?"
"...Down here." You were huddled in front of the fire, watching the flames flicker and dance as you warmed and relaxed your achy, chilled hands.
"Are you cold?" Eren asked.
You grinned. "I'm only sitting in front of the fire with both my jacket and my cloak on. What does it look like to you?"
"You're so harsh," he snorted, not phased.
"Don't blame me. You're the one asking the dumb questions."
"Well, I have the right to be tired I had to redo ALL of my rooms and you didn't," he excused, setting both of his elbows on the table, holding his head up with his hands. "I heard you got done super early."
"If you did your work right in the first place, you wouldn't have to do it all over again," you retorted, enjoying the battle of wits.
"She didn't get off early, brat," you heard Levi respond. "She went and cleaned up the basement where you'll be staying on her own initiative just so you'd be comfortable down there at night. You should be thanking her."
"Looks like
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 248 46
~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 2
Something warm took hold of your hands, comforting you in your troubled sleep. Grasping whatever it was touching you, you pulled yourself closer to the warmth. Funny, it felt sort of like someone's hands...
Your eyes suddenly opening wide, you found yourself cuddling the hands of whoever it was sitting next to your bed. Eyes tracing up the arms you had stolen, you found yourself staring into stormy eyes, gracing you with a faint trace of concern.
"Corporal Levi!" you exclaimed, jerking away. What a wonderful reason to have to explain to your superior that you cuddled things in your sleep.
Disoriented, you gazed about the small hospital room you were in. How did I get here? you thought vaguely. Then the memories of the trial and the conversation afterwards came rushing back to you. With a groan, you laid back on the flat pillow and covered your face with your hands.
"How long was I out this time?" you asked, almost afraid to know.
"About half a day," he responded curtly, crossing his ar
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 274 44
~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Chapter 1
"It hurts, doesn't it?"
"A little," Eren responded.
You alone entered what looked to be a sitting room, with three people wearing jackets emblazoned with the wings of freedom on their jackets. Erwin had led you to the room, then claimed that he had some business to take care of, leaving you to bravely enter the room alone. Off to the side sat Eren, on a couch and having his wounds tended to by a woman with glasses and a brunette ponytail. Not like he really needed it. Most of his injuries were already healed, and the ones that weren't were halfway there.
Eren jumped up when he saw you. "_____!" he blurted out, rushing over to you and grabbing you in a tight hug. "It feels like I haven't seen you in years," he whispered in your ear.
"Ow, ow, watch the head," you said, cringing when he accidentally nudged your head.
Pulling away, he looked at you questioningly, taking in your thinner appearance and the shadows beneath your eyes. "What happened to you?"
"Hit my head at Trost," you said, w
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 369 25
~Epiphany~ Levi x Reader Prologue
"_____? Can you hear me, _____?"
"I don't think she's awake."
"But-but she needs to get up!" This voice belonged to a high pitched male. "She has to come to Eren's trial. She has vital information that they'll need to hear!"
"Trial?" you murmured, slowly waking up. "What's Eren having a trial for? The only thing I remembered him killing was titans." Then you jerked up out of bed. "Holy shit! Eren is a titan, too!" You looked at the two people standing by you, who were Mikasa and Armin. "We need to go!" A momentary spasm of pain burst through your head, but it was nowhere near as bad as it had once been. Still, it was enough to make you cringe.
"Slow down," Mikasa said, placing a hand on your shoulder, steadying you as well as holding you in a sitting position on your bed. "You've been asleep for a week with a concussion. Moving around suddenly isn't a good idea."
"I've been out that long?" you asked, confused. You had been awake last night, tossing and turning in your bed, but you'd on
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 240 16
INTERACTIVE LEVI GAME by Shivery-Ao INTERACTIVE LEVI GAME :iconshivery-ao:Shivery-Ao 2,925 1,232 Levi Ackerman by Cioccolatodorima Levi Ackerman :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,834 94 Levi by frogstarr Levi :iconfrogstarr:frogstarr 1,424 44 Levi / Rivaille by kagalin Levi / Rivaille :iconkagalin:kagalin 4,172 130
What If? (Levi x Reader) ~Oneshot~
What if you found out that you were the only one that could save humanity? That you were the only one strong enough to take down the enemy? That you were the only one that could give everyone hope?
Simple. You’d take up the job. You’d be skeptical at first, but could you really refuse to help when you’re the only one that can take on the job? No, you couldn’t.
Now what if you took up that job and saw countless people die? You’d see them all looking at you like you’re some sort of hero. They’d smile at you in their last moments and say, “I was glad I could work with you.” You’d be strong and grow older, but you’d see young men and women with their whole lives in front of them being slaughtered before you? You’d be the only one there to give them the comfort that they didn’t die in vain?
Again. Simple. You’d learn to deal with it. No matter how horrifying the experience, no matter how close some of those
:iconotakuforthewin:OtakuForTheWin 144 88
Spin The Bottle (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language and kissing yepp)
You stood in line with your fellow cadets facing Captain Levi and Section Commander Hanji, all of you stiff in a salute.
You glanced nervously at the corporal as his narrowed silver eyes scanned the list he held, the list describing your cleaning duties for the afternoon.  If everything seemed good to him, which was almost unimaginable, he agreed to give you all the night off.  It had been a very long time since you all had the night off, and you weren’t going to take no for an answer this time.  You, along with help from Hanji, promised everyone if they worked hard, you’d do something fun that night after curfew.
Your entire body jumped slightly as the stoic man’s eyes flicked up and met yours, returning your gaze to what was right in front of you.
Captain Levi let out a sigh. “Fine, brats.  Get some dinner and have your night off,” he said before turning around and returning ins
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 860 133
Levi x Reader: Levi's Little Kisses
why can't a write a fluff that doesn't have one pervy thing in it? TT.TT Request for Marixrush !
There was a guy in your high school that you really, really liked. He was about 2 years older than you and in his junior year. So yes, you were but a cute, little freshman with a cute, little infatuation on your senpai.
You first laid eyes upon him on the first day of school. All freshman had to pick a club to join, so the older students were tabling for their respective organizations, Ping Pong Club, Computer Science Team, Math Society, Spanish Honors Club, etc etc.
And there was one table that you noticed only had one student. A raven-haired male with steely grey eyes was sitting cross-legged in a seat as he leaned back and sketched a picture in his notebook. It wasn't necessarily his appearance that caught your attention but rather the way everybody seemed to avoid him as if he were the plague.
But they didn't seem to hate, it was as if they were scared of him.
True, he gave o
:iconanimatryx:animatryx 1,228 390
Scouts Honor [Levi|Reader] UA
What is a UA?: (Universe Altered) When the canon timeline stays the same except one detail is changed; it can either greatly affect canon events or barely affect it.
This UA: Erwin picked Marie over humanity and joined the MP's instead so Levi was never recruited for the scouts.
   Levi could feel the frenzied mix of emotions churning in the pit of his stomach. Each step pulled him towards the blinding light of the afternoon sun cresting the top of the stairs. Isabel and Farlan followed behind him, the only sounds coming from the echo of their footsteps up the stone staircase. They carried nothing but the clothes on their backs and a solid wood trunk stuffed with money and stolen 3DMG. Levi clutched the paperwork they had dreamed of for so long in his fist, clenching it tightly in fear it would dissolve between his fingers.
   Dreamlike visions passed over Isabel's green eyes, wide with excitement and fear. Farlan held the trunk steady
:iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 126 34
Desarcinate [Levi|F!Reader] Drabble
Note: This is set while the 104th are still in training.
Groggily he closed his eyes and allowed the muscle memory in his legs to carry him down the dimly lit halls. Nightfall had come and only had a few measly hours left before it gave up its position to the rising sun. All was silent, his boots clacking against the masonry of the castle resonating loudly against the matching sandstone walls. He wasn’t entirely positive what made him jolt from his position in his quarters; the serene bubble he was floating in had suddenly popped without warning and he felt the unquenchable urge to roam the halls. He was searching for something, an unnamed item that he felt had been missing for quite some time but he couldn’t put his finger on it.
Fire flicked against the walls, small bursts of orange pulsating over his elongated shadow. Nobody else seemed to be awake at this hour except for Erwin but he wasn’t in the mood to sit idly and watch him pour over the paperwork L
:iconpetitegalaxy:PetiteGalaxy 111 7


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