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Reflection of the Soul

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My first Silent Hill 2 picture was pretty random so I wanted to make one that had a proper scenario to it. And I wanted to draw Pyramid Head - not only is he really creepy but he plays such an interesting part in the story.

So this is meant to be set in the bathroom that you are in at the very beginning of the game. They're not meant to be mirroring each other 100% exactly. James is doing that spaced-out thing that he does during the game's intro and Pyramid Head is clutching his head as he does when you encounter him in the apartments. I thought it would be a good idea to use these two poses together as they'd be similar enough for the idea of this picture whilst also tying in with scenes from the game.

I had to change the colour mode once it was finished in order to upload it to DA. It altered the colours a little bit >,< and I muted the colours of the flattened image a bit to try and rectify it but it's still a little off. James' hair is meant to be a little more muted, the reddish-brown in the background of the mirror is originally a little more vibrant and the highlights on the mirror are meant to be a little paler.
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Yeah that makes sense 
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Nothing says "You're screwed" more than peering into an abandoned bathroom mirror.

Love the symbolism.
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Meanwhile it's actually a window...
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James: That is one hell of a five o'clock sha-........ wait a minute....
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after finishing the game the first time i thought every time seeing this intro about the same idea. James seeing PH in the mirror. Not that I am fan of James = PH theory...It is just - i think that James sees himself like that.

Anyway you did a great job!!
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Thanks very much, I'm happy that you like it =)
Yeah, I see it more as a metaphor than literally.     
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;) no problem
yeah exactly ;)
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Pyramid Head also appears in Homecoming
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Nice art you got there.

A monster within...
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Thanks very much ^^
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perhaps PH is actually the consolidated guilt and sins of all who went to silent hill... methinks.
I have never played the game( too scary to think about) but read about it and so... this is my stupid odd theory.
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Well he represents the main character's feeling that he deserves to be punished in Silent Hill 2 and is based on the image of executioners that used to be in the town in the olden days. He finally realises the purpose of Pyramid Head near the end of the game while you explore the Lakeview Hotel.

That's a shame since it has a good story to it. To be honest once I knew all of the monster designs I felt that the tension created by the background soundtracks and sound effects were actually scarier than anything I actually saw in the game.
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Which one is hideous? That is the question. At least from their perspectives, that is.
Ehhh, this joke is flat.

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It's an interesting thought... ^^
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James: Am I really that fat?
PH: Am I really that blonde?
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