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Ebony Character Card

I happened to have the lines ready on this one already, but each card seems to be finished faster than the one before. This has been good practice in being speedy which I need.

Ebony in the color yellow/gold. I fear I may have ventured into brown a bit much considering I have one planned for brown..but I think it will be fine.
Since this is somewhat of a circus theme, Ebony is a tightrope walker.

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Ebony (c) Tsuchan 2010
Texture stock from :iconabovevintage:[link]
Frame base from my personal stock
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© 2010 - 2021 Tsuchan
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qwertyducky911's avatar
owww cute <3 thats the cutest image tha ou made
Tsuchan's avatar
monstercoach's avatar
I love the borders and color schemes you're using for these, they always seem to match the characters perfectly @_@
Tsuchan's avatar
Some of the colors have been harder than others to work with. :)
BlackFoxAsakura's avatar
Huh. A briliant success again. I'm wonder what will You do next time.
Tsuchan's avatar
Hint: It will be something blue. :)
BlackFoxAsakura's avatar
It don't tells me to much...:///
amunition's avatar
Its really cute. One thing though is that her head looks really big.
Tsuchan's avatar
On second thought, the arms are longer than I intended which might throw things off too. :(
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I noticed that too. It seems the dress kind of made things worse. I drew the body first of course, and it looked okay, but after the dress was added (hiding her legs) her head looked even bigger. I guess the only remedy would be to shrink her head in photoshop. :lol:
PrismaticLily's avatar
I love how her dress is similar to her umbrella and how you included bits of orange here and there! Very creative! Overall this is very well done!
Tsuchan's avatar
Thanks! I was looking for a good place to put a character in an umbrella dress. :giggle:
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