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Chocobo Variations: Onagadori and Raven by Tsuchan Chocobo Variations: Onagadori and Raven :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 11 0 Anna's Hummingbird in the Shade by Tsuchan Anna's Hummingbird in the Shade :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 8 3 Arne Heard Chocobo Racer by Tsuchan Arne Heard Chocobo Racer :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 7 3 Red Bird- WIP by Tsuchan Red Bird- WIP :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 7 0 Young Man (Face and Skin Practice) by Tsuchan Young Man (Face and Skin Practice) :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 4 0 Rein Painting WIP by Tsuchan Rein Painting WIP :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 9 0 Star Wars Bantha Girl Keomi by Tsuchan Star Wars Bantha Girl Keomi :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 11 4 Oki and Shinsai- Rivalry by Tsuchan Oki and Shinsai- Rivalry :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 3 0 Klee and her Moogle- Final Fantasy by Tsuchan Klee and her Moogle- Final Fantasy :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 10 0 Rein and Chocobo Chick by Tsuchan Rein and Chocobo Chick :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 9 2 Glacier National Park Summit and Carved Valley by Tsuchan Glacier National Park Summit and Carved Valley :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 7 5 Tsukino Usagi- Sailor Moon by Tsuchan Tsukino Usagi- Sailor Moon :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 24 0 Glacier National Park - Layers by Tsuchan Glacier National Park - Layers :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 10 0 Wild Mountain Goat and Kid (Oreamnos americanus) by Tsuchan Wild Mountain Goat and Kid (Oreamnos americanus) :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 6 3 Penny Dalmatian by Tsuchan Penny Dalmatian :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 9 4 Iriomote Cat Finds a Hermit Crab by Tsuchan Iriomote Cat Finds a Hermit Crab :icontsuchan:Tsuchan 19 2


Lackadaisy Century by tracyjb Lackadaisy Century :icontracyjb:tracyjb 4,398 224 Sunrise in the Forest of Invention by postapocalypsia Sunrise in the Forest of Invention :iconpostapocalypsia:postapocalypsia 205 17 Wait by evelmiina Wait :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 677 9 Street sunset by arsenixc Street sunset :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,918 58 Another round for the shortstack by 47ness Another round for the shortstack :icon47ness:47ness 94 35 Juniper by evelmiina Juniper :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 426 11 The Poison Is Already Inside by RHADS The Poison Is Already Inside :iconrhads:RHADS 687 14 Riverside night by arsenixc Riverside night :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,440 40 Mightyena by kenket Mightyena :iconkenket:kenket 1,151 21 Flower Shop by Roseum Flower Shop :iconroseum:Roseum 621 26 Remember, Chihiro... ( Spirited away) by AnatoFinnstark Remember, Chihiro... ( Spirited away) :iconanatofinnstark:AnatoFinnstark 2,830 139 Old memory by AnatoFinnstark Old memory :iconanatofinnstark:AnatoFinnstark 584 21 Koyasan_Japan by lhebrardrobin Koyasan_Japan :iconlhebrardrobin:lhebrardrobin 197 2 Japan by Gydw1n Japan :icongydw1n:Gydw1n 343 6 Wailord by kenket Wailord :iconkenket:kenket 1,331 55 The Rebellion Will Rise! by Domisea The Rebellion Will Rise! :icondomisea:Domisea 73 18
There are a lot of great pieces to choose from on DA. Have a look at some of my favorites and friends.


What are everyone's views on watermarking? Some say it's pointless because it doesn't stop thieves from stealing, but I don't see it as being about art theft. Art gets shared all over social media and a website or watermark can direct people to the original artist. I see great art on Pintrest and have no clue who drew it because it's not marked. Those who have their website or watermark in the corner can be found easily. Thoughts? 
Chocobo Variations: Onagadori and Raven
Just for fun I wanted to sketch some Chocobos or chocobo-like birds as unique breeds. Since they all tend to look somewhat the same I wanted to give them more variation (I'm not super well-versed in the lore or variations that do exist besides colors). The one with the long up tail is based off the onagadori, which is a chicken with an extremely long tail. It would be a pet or show bird for the rich to parade around on and would be rare. The other is based more off a raven and eagle and built for their speed, strong will and intelligence. They'd be good racers.

I'm still deciding how I want them to look, but might make a few more breeds as well. 
Anna's Hummingbird in the Shade
I got a new zoom lens so I had to try it out! I have a Sony Alpha, but I pick up the Minolta lenses as they're incredibly affordable. I recently found a Minolta 70-210mm for $12 at a thrift store, but the Sony version is thousands of dollars! The clarity really depends on how stable you are and I didn't have a tripod and the lighting was a bit dim so it wasn't as sharp as I'd hoped, but I liked the composition and how it was sitting with the light on its back. I did take a picture of another bird in full sun and got a really still shot and the clarity was great. 
Arne Heard Chocobo Racer
Hey, I'm just on this kick drawing chocobos. Maybe it's because I like birds, maybe it's because the idea of riding a bird like a horse is appealing. It's been so long not drawing it's been relaxing to come up with OCs just for fun, because why not? Not sure yet how I really want him to look, but the background is that he's a professional racer who runs gauntlet type races outdoors with obstacles and distance travel. He won his black choco at a race which ends up being his main bird. He's friends with Rein, the girl who sets up some of the races and acts as the referee and starting line signaler. 

He's looking kind of Cloud/Promto/Roxas-ish but I might make some changes, idk. I wanted to keep the clothes fairly simple for someone who would be racing or riding and his bags are probably just filled with treats. I chose the name Arne because it's from a root meaning "Eagle" which seemed appropriate. 
Rein Painting WIP
Work in progress on a painting of a Final Fantasy OC I made up around 2003-ish, this version being much more realistic. She's one of those characters I'd made up so long ago I almost forgot until I discovered some sketches in my sketchbook. Her weapons are modified flare guns she used for chocobo racing. 
I still have some finishing touches to do on the character, and the background is only roughed out right now. 



Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm an antiques/vintage dealer, professional photographer, and digital artist with a graphic design background. Some of my art has a Japanese influence or style to it as I spent most of my childhood in Japan and it's shaped who I am.

I mainly create digital art. There's no mess and no waste and that very important "undo" button. I tend to work with the style or look I think fits the personality of the piece and I draw what I like. I am also a photographer and like history, animals, and the natural world. I especially like stylized art and cartooning.

Paintings are done in CS5, though most older pieces were done in PS Elements 3. If you are curious about methods, I have a number of tutorials in my gallery.

:bulletyellow: I am Christian
:bulletyellow:I support clean and tasteful art
:bulletyellow:Constructive critique welcome
:bulletyellow:Don't feel obligated to thank me for a fave. That's up to you.
:bulletyellow:Don't be afraid to comment. Even if I don't reply, I do read them.
:bulletyellow:DA commissions and art trades are closed

:bulletred::bulletred:My art may not be used, copied, transferred, or transmitted in any shape or form, digital or otherwise without my expressed written consent.:bulletred::bulletred:

FAQ Here:…


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Nope, sorry. There are probably a few tutorials floating around on DA though.
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