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Streaming some animation work, maybe will do a few requests also.
Trying out Picarto, tell me if anything is wrong.

If anyone want to open canvas one day, just shoot me a note.

Its the final game of the season for League of Legends, I am also practicing drawing come visit :>

Thanks everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, I had a strawberry cake. :>

I know I haven't uploaded a lot on Deviantart, and thats because I feel like certain art isn't worthy to be posted here as well as my animations now use a lot more programs than just flash. You could follow me on Tumblr and Youtube if you want, you'll probably see a bit more content from me there. But again, thanks everyone :D

NSFW Tumblr (a bit, I reblog nsfw stuff sometimes):

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to learn, and continue to learn endlessly? As well as that you feel disappointment that you will not be able to learn what you want at anytime you want? The difficulty of studying for your career, while studying for your hobbies is a tedious obstacle. One always prioritizes over the other since time is limited and cannot be recycled for another time. I have this strong conscious that limits me from pursuing my hobby. I want to work on my art, yet a voice in my head tells me that there is a report that must be finished, or an exam that must be studied for. Each of these little voices always tell me to close flash before I even start working on something. As much as I want to, I cannot. Well technically I can, but I won't.

Also, I'm on a busy schedule that is why I haven't uploaded anything. College, its a full time job.
So you guys can listen to me rant all day for no reason.

What do you even do on Twitter?!/TsubukiChan
Its that time again and I was hoping if you could vote for my film to be given recognition.

Basically you need to put a minimum of 5 videos in the comment box for the month of July.

The only eligible animation I have to offer is:

Musical Film: Wake up Applejack!

The link to the video is here.…
After consideration and suggestions from various artists I've formulated my official pricing for commissions. These are as specific as possible, EXCLUDING animations.
Drawings are based off how long it takes me to make something, and as most people say. Time is valuable.


Sketches - $5 (Somewhat rough, no refined line art.)
Doctor Derpy by TsubukiSan

Line Art - $10 (Take that sketch and clean it up, leaving smooth line art that is possible for another person to color)

Flat colored - $15 (Just simple coloring, maybe some light shades)
Princess Cadance by TsubukiSan Another Vinyl Scratch by TsubukiSan Gift: Dileak by TsubukiSan Gift: Tiarawhy by TsubukiSan

Colored with shading - $ 25 (Shading is what forms atmosphere, tone, mood, etc.)
Unlimited Swag by TsubukiSan Commission: Low Ryder and Aria Sunsong by TsubukiSan Filly Octavia by TsubukiSan
Backgrounds - $5 - $15 (I'm not very good at backgrounds, but if its simple ones then I can do it. Simple ones will usually be 5.)


Just look through my gallery and my Youtube and you will see the quality range that I can provide.
The pricing is very, very, flexible.

You must be a serious buyer if you are requesting an animation because they require a lot of time and a lot of work.
Minimum price - $30 (An example of this price will probably be a plain character that is barely moving, more like a looping pose with no background.)

If you want me to make your animation closely similar to official MLP style then that will cost more since from experience, making things a certain style takes a long time. (Just look at VinylScratch.mp4 in my gallery).
VinylScratch.mp4 by TsubukiSan Your Sanity is Mine! Afro Pony! by TsubukiSan Meanwhile at the Super Awesome Great Powerful Base by TsubukiSan

Payments - I have quite a lot of payment options open, just choose one.

Paypal Stamp by artist4com
Paypal - (Highly preferred)

deviantART Points Wallpaper by atty12
Deviant Points - (There is a additional step to paying with these points, don't just send them/donate them to me. Discussion is required.)

IMVU Credits -

We'll be going by the third party reseller's price.
Average value - $2.60 per 5,000 credits.

If you are interested then send a note.
I just finished an animation but I cannot upload on Deviantart because its a .mp4, I sent a application to DeviantArt to see if they will allow me to be in their film maker's department. So for you now you can watch it here or on my youtube!

Back from the con, spending some time outside the house with friends. Though I haven't uploaded anything in a while because during my leisure time I was working on this:

Looks pretty spiffy in my opinion.
Also I have a few commissions to finish so I have to get those done before I complete the next animation.
There is voting for top 10 mlp related videos for the month of June.

The comments suggested that my Afro pony flash could be a potential video.

Mind assisting me?

Go here:…

and comment your favorite videos for the month of June, you can have more than 1 video. Just be sure that it was made in June.

And if you want to help me out then simply add: "Your Sanity is Mine! Afro Pony!" in the comments section of the youtube link. And if you don't then thats ok. :>

My favorite time during summer vacation. I'll be at Anime Expo for the next four days so expect no uploads (Unless I take my laptop and tablet to the hotel). See ya guys later~

P.S - I'll probably be at some mlp gathering giving out free requests.

Now I know that the Pyro is male. At 27 seconds the Scout refers the Pyro as a "He"
Also I'm probably going to get irritated that every single Brony is going to spam fest the comments about how there is a unicorn in the video.

I played TF2 before the F2P and before any of this pony stuff came. I kind of liked it when there wasn't a MLP spray, pony music spam, and sound clips, in almost every server.

Now excuse me, I'll be on the Ponyville server.

It would be nice to have some pocket change for the upcoming convention I'm attending. In addition I have lots of free time this summer so why not attempt to have a side job while I find a real job.

Have a video:

After going to this years AM2 anime convention I am motivated to open a booth and sell pins, bookmarks, etc. So to prepare for next year I'll be working on a larger selection of art works. This means that I won't only show ponies on my DA now, but other subjects as well. Don't worry though, ponies are still going to be the only things I animate. Just wanted to give you guys a head up.

Yay, time for the pinnacle of my summer vacation. 4 fun days at Anime expo and this year I'll also be attending AM2. I'll probably find Tara Strong there and say hi. If any of you guys are also going maybe we should hang. I'll be inactive for 4 days.


A long time ago I made a Tumblr but I gave up on it because it seemed pointless.

I've now reconsidered making another tumblr to post pointless updates on my projects instead of uploading pictures of WIPs here. They will now be located on my Tumblr right here:

So today I've uploaded my recent animation on youtube and I"ve been seeing some rather suspicious activity.

Video is here if you are curious:…

Over the course of today I've been seeing many comments being withheld, which is basically when a person comments and then erases it. Strange that it happened 5 times today, one more thing that was strange was that my video was being disliked a lot in a small amount of time. I understand that its not everyone's tea but it just caught my eye on the coincidence that these comments are disappearing and the dislike rose up in a extremely short amount of time (5 minutes, around there).

Then I got a message saying that I should feel ashamed for animating and I shouldn't animate. (LOL)

Ok, I get that you don't like it and its not your cup of tea. But sabotaging my works with false/insignificant criticism and disruption doesn't do anything and won't stop me.

Just something on my mind.

Have a cat video. :D
So I just learned that DeviantArt now allows name changes every 6 months, so I went and removed the "chan" out of my name. I wanted something a bit more formal I guess and since "Tsubuki" was taken (darn you!) I just added another "i." Pretty much only premium users can do this and overall I've been waiting for some kind of feature like this to be added to this site. Oh joy~

I was searching through the web and I was intrigue by these designs lol. Maybe I should try making a silhouette.

Finals are over and now I am just hanging around working a bit on animation and you know.. just relaxing.