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March 15, 2021
Jareth - the Goblin King by Tsubs
Featured by pullingcandy
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Jareth - the Goblin King


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Photo by Wellington Johnny Araujo

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HeroOfLight22's avatar

I love this so much! I’m a HUGE Die-hard fan for Labyrinth and this brightened my day SO MUCH!!!

magigrapix's avatar

I've seen the movie honestly over 100 times. I wore out my VHS, then my DVD got warped, and I've lost count of how many times I've watched my saved download, I have literally lost count with how many times I've seen that movie. What was your favourite parts of the movie?

HeroOfLight22's avatar

Favorites?! God... the door-guard were awesome, I loved the Bog of Eternal Stench when I was little, I still love the song that those jazzy red gremlins sing, and... well, I absolutely ADORE Jareth!

magigrapix's avatar

There are still two scenes that really stand out for me. The faces made from the Helping Hands, quite a few of them are very expressive indeed. And the Escher Staircase scene in the castle when Bowie is singing Within You. That set is the most wonderfully choreographed sequence I've ever seen in any movie. But there are so many other wonderful/funny and zany pieces from the movie, too many to mention. One thing I do love is that no matter how many times I watch the movie, there's always something new that I pick out. Like, when they get to the top of the ladder after the Cleaners, the pot they climb out of is not connected to the floor, or all of the things in her real world that make an appearance within the Labyrinth...etc. And I still cannot work out that gate-guards riddle, about one of them lying and the other speaking the truth. If he was speaking the truth, the other door would lead to the Castle, but if he was lying, than the riddle itself would be false, so either door could be the correct one... or something like that. I don't know, it's still my all time favourite movie.

Tsubs's avatar

Wow! Thank you! Glad to know that my cosplay cheered you up! <3

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Eek! Don't let it get me!

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You remind me of the Babe....

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