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Happy Eid Mubarak

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Happy Eid Mubarak

To all my Muslim and non-Muslim friends, happy celebrating Eid Mubarak!!!!! :heart:
How do you celebrate the festive season? In my country, we woke up early to get ready and wear new clothes (we mostly wear Baju Kurung for girls and Baju Melayu for guys). Most of us will go to the mosque to do Eid prayers. After that, some of us will visit our relatives grave since we rarely did. Later, all the women will get ready in the kitchen to serve guests that will be coming to our house, while men will entertain the guests. Children mostly, will visit their neighbours house to dine Malaysian cakes, Ketupat, Lemang, Rendang and Nasi Impit. The elders will gift the children with Eid money, usually RM1 per person, that is still a lot for little kids. Imagine that they went to 20 houses in one day, they'll receive RM20 already. But nowadays, people will gift RM5 to children instead of RM1. Now that's a lot for 20 houses. =D

Usually, on the second day and after, families will travel and visit their friends and relatives house. It's the same thing with what the children did in the first day, but adults don't get Eid money since they're already working teehee~ At night, children will play with tiny and safe fireworks (although there're those who played an extreme one) while adults relax and chat among themselves.

Every Eid Mubarak, families will gather at their parents house and celebrate Eid there, we call the place as kampung. This is why a lot of people can't wait to celebrate the festive season. In my country, everyone including the non-Muslim celebrates Eid Mubarak because it's really lively with foods and socials, not to mention there's an extreme sales for everything. =)

So, do you celebrate it at your place?

Note: Thanks to ~Moppy for the flower textures.

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Eid Mubarak!! Such a lovely art, MashaAllah! :heart:
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cool!! now I know a tradition I hadn't heard of! thanks for sharing!
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Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. =D
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are you malaysian?
tsubasahiluxisz's avatar
Yeap, I'm Malaysian =D
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cool! I always thought it's a very nice country, always wanted to visit it
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Really? Thanks! Do visit one day, a lot of people said we have a lot of interesting food LOL, but I have to agree XD
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yeah, the exact word for your food is interesting ;)
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They're practically Malaysians' favourite XD
but it's kinda rare since it took a lot of time to make them
mostly appeared around festive season
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