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This is the part where i introduce myself :D. Actually now that i think about it, i really suck at describing myself. Seriously, it took me 5 min to think of what to write just now lol.

Ive always lurked around deviant art but never really made my own account till now. I feel like showing off some stuff a little so why not.

I'm not amazingly talented, i don't have any gifts at drawing or modeling. I just do what i can and learn from it. I'm modeling, texturing, and animating in 3d environments and i have a good grasp of photoshop.

I have a mix of being a Producer/ 3D modeler/ Animator/ Level Design/ Musician. I'm a master at none lol.

I'm a self indie game developer too :D. Produced a game called Samurai Ball on the Google Play Store and I'm Currently producing and working with a team on an undisclosed project. One of which will be released on Android devices.

Oh wow, looks like i could introduce myself : P

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