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Other people's sexy stuff that I highly approve of <3



Liliha by Wen-M Liliha :iconwen-m:Wen-M 5,961 928







My DA Family:

Wifey - :iconwakaleo:
Son - :iconamenokitarou:
My Lover/s - :iconazn-ann:, & :iconmrkittycosplay:
Big Sister - :iconinfinitecosplay:
Big Brother - :iconasham:
Kouhai - :iconchristie-cosplay:

Current Residence: Australia, NSW
Favourite genre of music: Pop/J-Pop/Classical
Favourite style of art: Shounen ai
Operating System: XP
Favourite cartoon character: Totoro
Personal Quote: "If I could live my life again, I would live it exactly the same"

Avcon catch-up and upcoming cons!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 3, 2010, 5:50 AM
  • Listening to: Kate Miller - Heidke
  • Reading: Clover
  • Watching: Outlaw Star
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: Spiced Vegetables
  • Drinking: Mocha


Updates -

- YAY! I'm doing a COSPLAY PANEL AT SMASH!!!! :iconsmashcon:

Please come so I'm not in there on my own, talking to myself. LOL

The main focus this time is COSPLAY ON ANY BUDGET - 'Cosplay for Poor Students & Rich Fortunates'
I'm so happy they accepted my proposal. Hopefully I can keep it entertaining & educational. So this panel is going to be :icontsubaki-chan: & :iconamenokitarou: I've asked Will to join me to keep up a fun dynamic, hopefully we won't make too many disgusting jokes. xD
I've been working hard on the slideshow.


- I got into the Animania Cosplay Calendar!!! YAY!!! It's of course all thanks to :iconchristie-cosplay: for taking this photo:

Kadaj Cosplay by Tsubaki-chan

I also got my month preference for January! Unfortunately Kenny refused to put my birthday as an official date within the calendar... Damn!!! XDD

But Yay! I'm just generally happy to be in there, as I know so many amazing cosplayer put photos in this year.

- BABY CAGEY is nearly 4months old & he's soooooo fat!!! He's discovered his hands are tasty & that he can throw toys really far.
This time I have a photo with his mummy(my sister) in there. She loves him soooo much, he's a spoilt baby, she never lets him out of her sight.


I'm in the process of buying a house with my sister for her, myself & baby Cage to live in, as his dad has become a total jerk.
Hopefully we'll find a place soon, that isn't to expensive.

- Thinking about reopening my eBay store again soon, as people start preparing for x-mas buying. xD

- Would people be interesting in buying my old wigs from me, or newer wigs that I've never used??? Trying to scope interest to see if they're worth selling. Some are from Japan, Cyperous & Maple & of course I take great care of all my wigs. xD

- Wig commissions are currently closed due to my family situation. I'm hoping to reopen them, once I'm comfortable in the new house. I'm sorry for the inconveience.

- To my 50k kiriban :iconmarynated:
I'm really really REALLY sorry!!! but I won't have time to make Alucard anymore thanks to my family situation. If you would like I'd be happy to arrange something else with you, or do a photoshoot or something else silmpler for you. I'm really sorry for this. DX


Feature -
This feature goes to someone who is about the same age as me around the cosplay scene for Sydney. She's done so many amazing costumes & is just a lovely & awesome person, I love every opportunity I have to hang out with her. She somehow has the ability to make even the most hilarious character seem HOT & has so much amazing costuming skillz I envy her so bad.
This feature goes to: :iconsakanamochi:
Su is such a great cosplayer give her the love she deserves.

If you'd like to get a feature as well, then just impress me ;)


Con Reports -

AVCON - A.k.a. Clampcon

I love :iconlittlestarfish: for organising this so much.
I didn't really enjoy the con itself as it was kind of boring, couldn't find my friends half the time, nearly got kicked out of the main event hall twice because of their lame organisation, wanted to strangle someone, Missed out on the after party which was the whole point in going, & don't really have any photos of my costume to show for the weekend.
HOWEVER, It was still worth the trip because:
-I got to see Star :iconlittlestarfish: whom I'm not going to see again for a very long time, since she's going to Japan to Study for the next year.
-I got to meet MILEY!!! :iconmileyx: She is the most awesome person I've ever met! I'm so happy I got to meet her.
I also loved meeting :iconramimentas: :iconlittlecrane: :iconanduril9226: :iconholybell07:

-I got to hang out in room 2 :iconemiko-sakura::iconchibifiedkitsunes::iconmileyx::iconamenokitarou::iconsweetskitty::iconlight-kitten:. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!! you guys really made my con. I loved coming back from cosplaying, getting breadtop & migoreng & watching terrible ghost shows until we fell asleep.
- I loved giving my camera a good work out, taking so much KuroxFai PRONZ!!! I loved getting shots of everyone looking Clamp-sexiness!!! I just wish I had better gear to do you all proper justice.
- I'm glad I was there to help Giorgia & see her on stage, she looked so beautiful. Also glad I got to see all the adelaide madman round entries. It was really nice to watch them.
- I'm so happy I got to see so many of my friends who I rarely see :iconmrkittycosplay::iconcharmainemorganphoto::iconintricatia::iconmaybea::iconbreathless-ness::iconk-tetsu::iconclamwings::iconjkale::iconzimiel::iconyiji::iconcielroses::iconemiko-sakura::iconchibifiedkitsunes::iconmileyx::iconamenokitarou::iconsweetskitty::iconlight-kitten::iconhagis-girl-saya::iconandycamcosplay::iconshi-tenshi: :iconfloatyman::icontorment-lies-within:
- I'm so happy I got to watch the masterchef finals with :iconjkale::iconamenokitarou::iconmileyx: That is probably my favourite time during the whole trip, eating cut meat & delicious cheese whilst coupling Calum X Matthew FOREVER!!!!
Here is some of the Epic Fanart Will :iconamenokitarou: drew during the ad breaks SO MUCH LOL!!!!
For any fans of masterchef, GIVE IN TO MATTHEW X CALLUM!!!! XDDDD

I loved the last day in Adelaide, just jumping between cafes, bumping into :iconslykura:, having :iconamenokitarou: fall asleep every chance he got, :iconlittlestarfish: Jizzing her pants & having to get into mine. XDD GOOD TIMES!!!

Thanks so much Star for the good time. I LOVE YOU :heart: Have a great time in Japan!!!

Sums up Avcon. Will & Jill sleeping through their game development panels LOL


Cosplay Updates -

-Next Con is this weekend is SMASH, I'll be there cosplaying as Rikku from Final Fantasy X as long as I get it done, with our sexy group:
Tidus - :iconinfinitecosplay:
Yuna - :iconastellecia:
Lulu - Peggy
Wakka - :iconwakaleo:
Seymour - :icondark-side-riku:
Auron - :iconengel-aus-flammen:

Hopefully all goes well & everyone will be finished Crap I still have to organise the Skit!!! *suzacides*

- After SMASH is Manifest CRAP!!! Still haven't booked my tickets yet XD I'll be Cosplaying Reimi from Star Ocean on Saturday with :iconamenokitarou: as Edge. I'm praying I get her done in time. DX I'm praying Melbourne is good to me for once, but I've been trying for 3yrs now & it still sucks(no offence). xD
I don't know what the hell to bring for Sunday, but it won't be Casca! XO Sorry Kenny XDDD Maybe I'll bring Rikku & make it an enixcon, who knows. OTL'''

- After Manifest is Animania!!! FARK!!!! Thankfully I only have to make one costume & it's only for photoshoot. THANK GOD!!!! I'm also doing another Panel with :iconamenokitarou:, so please look forward to it. Animania will be hard with WCS judging so many great teams again this year. I'm really excited to see who wins! Also for the first time in years now I'll be entering normal comp on the sunday. LOL Nothing exciting really, just weird to realise I haven't entered in 2yrs. WTF?!?!!

- After Animania is Brismania. KILL ME!!!! I'm really excited to be going to Brisbane again though. You guys always make me feel so welcome! I love you crazy Brisbane people so much!!! ^^

- After Brismania is MADMAN!!!! FARK KILL ME!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to all the sexy cosplay there will be, but not sure if I'm ready for the actual competition. TOOOO MUCH!!!!

Brisbane - :iconzimiel:
Melbourne - :iconclamwings:
Sydney - :iconwakaleo: + :icontsubaki-chan:
Perth - :iconvelithya: + :icontwinklee:
Adelaide - :iconyiji:

Wildcards -

(not sure who else is confirmed wildcards)

- I've given myself too much to do, the end of this year & going into next year my projects are going to be much fewer so I can get out & see people. XDDD Also so I can do my costumes greater justice, which I don't think I'm doing atm. I've dropped alot of my original plans too. OTL''' Sorry!!!!

- KH Shoot has been postponed again, due to the freaking cold weather, as soon as it gets warmer we'll get organised LOL Sorry for the epic amounts of slow fail. xD

- I'm still so fail & haven't arranged other shoots, but I still have a whole bunch of photos to upload from:
-Lucky Dogs Shoot
-Sakura White Dress shoot
-Berserk Shoot
-Beyblade Shoot
-Avcon Shoots
-WCS Australia 2010 Shoot

I'll get around to uploading them all soon, just busy with con season, life, & I hate uploading too many things at one time. XDDD *shoots foot*

Must keep this up, must keep up progress!!!

Right now main cosplay projects are:

* Suu from Clover
I'll update more photos later.


So far I've purchased most things involved with this costume.

Gawd now to put it all together, still gotta start the backdrop FARK!!!
I can't wait until :iconwakaleo: gets back from Japan, then we'll both be in full force for Madman. DX

* Reimi from Star Ocean 4 -The Last Hope

No progress yet, have my fabrics sitting there, yelling at me to get to work on them. xD MY BAD!!!


* Rikku from Final Fantasy X

I'm still worried about failing with this costume DX I'm still working hard & she should be done in time for SMASH, but still I don't know if I'll be a good Rikku, so I apologise in advance if I rape your eyes, but she's one of my favourite FFX characters ever. I had her so overpowered in my game. XDDD



Costumes For Sale –

Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere (Blue ending dress)

For Sale, please Note me if interested.

Gwendolyn - Entrapment by Tsubaki-chan Odin Sphere - Gwendolyn by Tsubaki-chan
Gwendolyn Costume by Tsubaki-chan

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier (Diamond Crevasse dress)

For Sale, please Note me if interested.

It's long long Goodbye... by Tsubaki-chan Sheryl - Diamond Crevasse by Tsubaki-chan
Sheryl Costume - Diamond Crev by Tsubaki-chan

Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier (Yellow dress)

For Sale, please Note me if interested.

MF - Ranka Lee by Tsubaki-chan
Ranka Costume - Yellow by Tsubaki-chan

Mimarin Kirigoe from Perfect Blue

For Sale, please Note me if interested.

Mimarin Costume - Cham by Tsubaki-chan



Wig Commissions -

Status: CLOSED, due to life situation





In other News updating my Cosplay List here:…

Current Tally is -

Total Cosplays: 93
(51 of whom were men) XDD

Total Skits: 32

Total Awards: 27


NOTE - All my cosplay lists are on the front page of my DA so I stop over flowing my journals with them & stretching them along the front page as bad as before. Just scroll down along the front page on the left side. XD






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