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On the Boardwalk

By tsuaii
Lux from League of Legends!

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Got to love the skintight bottom

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Is she about to jump into the water?


First off, I love how incredible this looks. She looks so cute, and you somehow made a flat picture look 3D.

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I love this one.🤗

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If that was Gwen, then maybe Peter should stick with her, since Mary Jane doesn't appreciate his duties as Spidey.

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Nice work.

How much USD you take for 1 picture?

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wowowow!!! ♥♥♥

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Why is this so freaking cute?!

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This is truly brilliant work, just like everything I’ve seen of yours. This is just a minor nitpick, having nothing to do with how truly good this price of art is, but Lux’s face is abit slimmer, though that may just be my amateur artist eye not properly taking the angle into consideration.
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My God, this is one of the best galleries I've ever seen. What a marvel. Pure beauty. Congratulations, it is an excellent work
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It took me looking at this a couple of times, but she's not evening in a swimsuit – she's in her underwear! The idea of this beautiful woman running around in such a public place in just her underwear is very cute and sexy.

It seems like your work has only improved over the years, and this may be your best piece yet. The shading is just phenomenal. Like others have already said, it's genuinely hard to recognize it as a drawing, rather than a 3D-render.

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Damn, Lux looks hot and beautiful. :D

I can't tell if its 3d or 2d, wow

Very good work! I would like a job like this but with Samus Aran from Metroid

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Amazing! The detail in this picture is outstanding!

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Aww she looks cute, thanks for your artwork

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Awesome work! :-D

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beaucoup de charme qui s'en dégage ❤

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