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August 9, 2016
D.Va by tsuaii is full of bright vivid color and amazing detail
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D.Va from Overwatch! Game on!

GUMROAD — For anyone interested, the full-size and wallpaper versions of this piece, along with the PSD and entire process captured on video, are available on my Gumroad!

EDIT — Whoa, my third Daily Deviation feature! Thank you very much!

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Hi! If I buy the overwatch bundle, will I have the psd of the old or the most recent version? Thanks!
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Hey there! So sorry for the late reply -- the Overwatch Bundle as-is will have the older/original PSD, but all the layers are intact and you'll see how the image was made. In the recent revision I had flattened everything, so there's not much of a PSD left even if I were to include it hah. Hope that helps!
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Bang Bang Bang Bang 
   Yeaah !!! Really awesome !!! 3 3 3 3 
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Met Dva (Charlotte Chung) today at mcm comic con and she using this print to do signings! Just thought you should know!
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Yeah! She contacted me a while ago for permission to use it!
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Thats amazing! :)
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Great artwork! 
I love the texture on her suit. That's pretty neat. Good job!  
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I saw the same picture, but more details somewhere else.
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Considering that I'm the original artist of this piece, I'm curious about what you saw lol
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I don't know it was in a 16:9 format and more details.
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Sounds like a copycat — if you ever remember the link please show me!
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You stole my heart.
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Dramatically good.
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Hi ! I really like this photo of !!! May I use this photo as my phone case cover?
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Super cute and fatalClap 
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