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Clip Studio Paint Commission

A super fun illustration I had the pleasure of doing for Clip Studio Paint!

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wow so it was you? this is amazing! it looks so clean, I love it!

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Wow! you're the guy who made this?? much respect for you

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That is a beauty!
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
So shiny, brilliant, vibrant !
salyssong's avatar
She reminds me of Shiny Chariot.
Nekderp's avatar
Wow, amazing
dude1122ee's avatar
this look amazing 
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This illustration is so awesome, I couldn't calm down until found a profile of the artist*_* 
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If i can give some critics:

- The "eyes" look a little doll like...ish...
- The hair looks much more 2D than the rest.
- And the figute is near the uncanny wally... or so...

It's really god 72 / 100. Well, I can't do it better, but i see room to improvement. :D
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Saw it as an ad for clipstudio. Immediately fell in love with it hahahah
Gem-D's avatar
Absolutely amazing!!! :heart:
Mortusk's avatar
It's beautiful! Love  
rodrev's avatar
Look stunning! 
Dualmask's avatar
I thought that art style looked familar.
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How does one shade so softly with clip studio? There is a lot i still have to learn...
OOFIsAMasterpiece148's avatar
This some pretty talented art right here! I love the style and color scheme! I feel like you would do really well with making some paintings of characters from an anime that I watch called: "Little Witch Academia". If you did art of the characters, I bet it would look really accurate and interesting to the eye. But that's just a suggestion. Awesome job! ;D
WritingPastels's avatar
I saw the tweet from clipstudio haha. This is my fave piece from you.
ZDantroy's avatar
I just saw the ad :P
GrayLancer18's avatar
I actually thought the ad was false advertising when I saw it on Twitter -because I've never heard of it- but now, coincidentally seeing your work here has proved me wrong lol
GDBee's avatar
I knew that style looked familiar when seeing the ad earlier! Congrats!
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Thank you Geneva!
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