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just.. why do i always find the best times to do pointless things/has an exam next week lelwat

anyway! for anyone who's reading this, it's obvious i'm not that active on dA anymore and a friend :icondek0pin: and i created a page on fb to post our artsu! (tho it's not that active either ahaha /stoned)
we also have accounts on instagram if you wish to follow our lazy adventures :> our usernames are:
:icontsu-chi-kiera: - kiera.ssu
:icondek0pin: - ringgo.ame

i might! update here when i find the time tho xD after exams probably so wish me luck by buying me oha-asa's daily items everyday during exams ahaahaha jk okbye
hello there. o/

I have good and also bad news.
the good news is that I'm finally making an effort to be consistent on all my blogs etc xD oh and I just created a new tumblr acc! ~ (I'll post the link at the end of this journal.)
the bad news is that after a good few months after getting this new printer, I just realized that it doesn't have the function to scan QAQ I already knew about this but wasn't too certain about it. though now I am preeeetty certain it can't. :|
so, well I guess the only way I'll be able to post my drawings is by scanning them at my grandmother's house (which I don't really go to often), then keeping the files in a hard disk. gah, this is a pain. though I can't post often, I'll still be on dA. remember, I have another fanfic to deal with, being the editor of a new yandere!male!Gasai Yuno x Reader fic. x'3

but the other good news is ... I'M REALLY STARTING AN ARMIN x READER FIC! :'DDD the only thing is I don't know whether to make it as a oneshot or ongoing (I had originally planned to do a oneshot, but I put a little too much effort into it while writing it, so it turned out more like an ongoing fic sort of thing T.T).
so I'll probably keep this fic that I've wrote, then start again on a new oneshot. if it gets enough satisfying reviews, then I'll start on another ongoing fic. fair enough? C;

I'll be going off now, here are the links to the stuff I mentioned:
- my tumblr:… (I just started it, so you'll probably see lots of changes of customization from time to time.)

- yandere!male!Gasai Yuno x Reader fic: 
cya next time! -poof-
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    • Reading: a male!YunoxReader fic I am in charge of editing
    • Drinking: H20 (again. c:)
    hai. ;3
    I'm sorry for not updating anything recently, it's just that I've been on vacation the past month for 3 weeks and I'm using the time back home to get used to the life here again  and stuff. well, you know. that includes following the people I need to, faving the recent stuff I like on dA too! =w=

    I have so many things to say okay. so if you don't want to listen to my ramble. go somewhere else. if you do, read on. 8'D


    so well, I'm finally on my PC (which still doesn't work well OTL) to check out some recent stuffs on here. also, the sad truth is that I can't update any of my artworks here is cuz I just got a new printer ... and I have no idea how to scan stuff with it p.p I know, bad excuse, but yeah. I really don't know what to do ... it's been so long since I ever uploaded ... anything ... while actually being able to browse the site ... oh the shame T///T

    anyway, I WILL find a way to scan my illustrations ... and HEY! due to me raging about there not being enough Armin x Reader fanfics (which I really want to read all day and night ahhh ////), I decided that I'll be writing one of said fics for the first time! I never wanted to resort to writing fanfictions ... but there just isn't enough love for Armin and dare I say, Eren. -gasp- yes, even the main character of the series doesn't get enough love. -sniffs- (this is all YOUR fault, Rivaille! Jean, you too, okay?! -breaks down in the corner of the room-)

    newest addictions/obsessions: 
    - Danganronpa
    - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
    - Ib

    oh oh oh one last thing, I'm gonna cosplay as Ib from the horror game Ib in an anime event. it's called Comic Fiesta (CF) which takes place every year in December at KLCC in Malaysia. I'M GONNA COSPLAY. FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME OMG. and I'm gonna be cosing together with my senpai :icontsunderecarrot: or also known as the carrot of :iconcreepypudding: who will be cosplaying as Mary, another character from Ib. btw they (2 people sharing the same account, namely J [the carrot] and M [the lettuce]) are new on dA, and have started an ongoing yandere!male!Gasai Yuno x Reader fanfic! not to mention, I'm their 'cute' editor //// go check it out now! the fic is seriously awesome! :D 

    *end of ramble*

    I'm so excited for CF like gaaaah. I can finally be with said carrot and lettuce (IN REAL LIFE -sobs-)
    I'll seeya soon ... BAII! <3
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    ... I guess this journal entry is kinda self-explanatory. :'|
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    ellow. xD
    I haven't updated in a long, long, loooong time ... gomen gomen -bows- (__ __|||)
    most of the time lately, I've been quite active on a MMORPG that I played for like 4 years and quitted around 2 years ago (approximately xD). Tales of Pirates II, I'm in Shadow Isle server. 8'D but many of my friends had quit ... at least Thundoria and Starlight (I'm originally from Penguin Isle > Starlight Isle > Shadow Isle [current]) just merged. :3 and now, I met a certain kitty, and ... (I'M IN LAHVE *-*) so yeah. ^^

    I hope I can post some more deviations soon, it depends D: bye for now! x'3 
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    to be an artist, the most important thing is to accept and embrace all forms of art, no matter how weird, unusual or strange they may be. ~

    getting pretty familiar with all this, and I (FINALLY) know how to use all those hilarious 'plz's (which I don't really know what it means ... lol)
    mostly 'collecting' Kuroshitsuji ones, like:
    :iconsebastianplz: :iconpervysebastianplz: :iconpervyciel:

    omg this is so awesome! :iconaloisyayplz:
    I feel like writing about a fictional 'me' here, like a fanfic or something. and make my life more dramatized and stuff. sounds fun, since my holidays are here (yay!) but I'm afraid I might suddenly lose interest and inspiration for it in the near future (gawd do I hate that). nevertheless, I might consider doing this thingie ... but I'm still not really familiar with this universe @_@ ~
    first day on dA, still a noob, will still be a noob until I get used to this ... hopefully that will be soon. nighty night for now! ^^