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Haikyuu! - Shouyou Hinata by tsu-chi-kiera Haikyuu! - Shouyou Hinata :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 1 0 [Onibi Series] Gumi - The Fox's Wedding by tsu-chi-kiera
Mature content
[Onibi Series] Gumi - The Fox's Wedding :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 24 0
Tomoe - Hmph.. what are you looking at? by tsu-chi-kiera Tomoe - Hmph.. what are you looking at? :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 4 0
One day
Surely I will, too
Plummet into that deep, dark, mysterious abyss
Of unspeakable elegance
Mystical allure
Lovely wonders.

And also
Of disgusting horrors
Repulsive fears
Gruesome monsters.

So, hope
For now
Is the only thing I can do
Hope that
You will stop me from drowning on that fateful day.
If destiny does not permit it to happen
Then let this fall
Be the most beautiful
And exquisite 
Of all.
:icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 1 0


They say that eyes are the window to the soul.

Look into them long enough,
And you might discover one's deepest secrets.

Different kinds of eyes wherever you go.
Eyes full of joy.
Eyes full of anger.
Eyes full of every emotion you could imagine.

Somewhere in an abandoned cave,
Lies a pair of special eyes.
Said eyes belonged to an unknown girl,
Bent over a shallow flowing river.
Those eyes are like fragile stained class,
Painted in the most uncommon of colours.
Tainted in the rarest shades of sin,
Is a pair of dark glowing orbs.
Flickering eyes search around,
Looking for answers to neverending questions.
They who have dared to approach the imp,
Spread rumors about the infamous figure.
Bloodcurdling shrieks, wheezing coughs,
Heaving breaths readying for the next scream. 
Murmurs of repeated questions she would whisper,
And spine-chilling echoes of answers
:icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 0 0
Mfw ... everything. by tsu-chi-kiera Mfw ... everything. :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 2 0 Cute Kitty Hugs His Panda Bear ~ by tsu-chi-kiera Cute Kitty Hugs His Panda Bear ~ :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 1 1 Ham-Ham Love ~ by tsu-chi-kiera Ham-Ham Love ~ :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 12 5 Faust - my (future) virtual crow/raven by tsu-chi-kiera Faust - my (future) virtual crow/raven :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 2 0
Lights and Illusions
[March 28, 2013: 11.40pm]
<Room 3423, Floor 34, Okura Act City Hotel
Hamamatsu, Japan>
I'm sitting at the window pane.
I hug my legs together with my old 'fluffy' while casually looking down at the beautiful scenery of the lights in the city, at night. Jazzy, relaxing music is being played in the background. My father is snoring loudly as my mother shifts uncomfortably in her sleep ...
I look around.
It's quite high up from where I am sitting: 34 floors off the ground, to be precise. Height scares me. Though since I have been sitting here for a while now, my fear temporarily subsides. Not missing this opportunity ... 
I look around once again. 
Osaka is a busy city, so not everyone is asleep yet. The cars move to and fro, like little ants scurrying around to find food. Their headlights and the flickering lights of the city, which disappear and reappear constantly, highly amuse me. I silently watch the glowing city ...

Just like a cat waiting to pounce on
:icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 0 0
Group Huggles ~ by tsu-chi-kiera Group Huggles ~ :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 3 0 Andrea - my virtual kitty by tsu-chi-kiera Andrea - my virtual kitty :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 1 4 Weabynn, my sugar glider ~ by tsu-chi-kiera Weabynn, my sugar glider ~ :icontsu-chi-kiera:tsu-chi-kiera 6 6


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tsu-chi-kiera's Profile Picture
May 'Kiera' Andrea
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
hello there. ヾ(*´∀`*)

I'm just a fancy loner who likes to draw and occasionally, write~
thanks for visiting me~ I rarely upload stuffies though qwq
don't be afraid to talk to me, I do like making friends > w <
I'd love constructive criticism on my works, or just simple comments~ you'll make my day omg
also sorry if I'm a little awkward sometimes oTL

I'm a traditional artist, but I'm currently learning the way of digital art! www

koibito is mine! //v// <3
  • Listening to: a catchy Inu x Boku SS OST
  • Reading: uh (not my books which i'm supposed to read ye)
just.. why do i always find the best times to do pointless things/has an exam next week lelwat

anyway! for anyone who's reading this, it's obvious i'm not that active on dA anymore and a friend :icondek0pin: and i created a page on fb to post our artsu! (tho it's not that active either ahaha /stoned)
we also have accounts on instagram if you wish to follow our lazy adventures :> our usernames are:
:icontsu-chi-kiera: - kiera.ssu
:icondek0pin: - ringgo.ame

i might! update here when i find the time tho xD after exams probably so wish me luck by buying me oha-asa's daily items everyday during exams ahaahaha jk okbye


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