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Hex - Scylla

By TSRodriguez
Made for Hex last year... kinda old x3
In Greek mythologyScylla[2] (/ˈsɪlə/ SILGreekΣκύλλαpronounced [skýl̚la]Skylla) was a monster that lived on one side of a narrow channel of water, opposite her counterpart Charybdis.
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I like the color of the water.
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Have you thought of doing Charybdis? Also love the work mate!
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Thanks! No for the moment, too much other projects, but someday I might try doing her
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Righto mate, keep up the good work
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Do you thought about making concept art for games and more?
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I don't understand clearly your question. If I'm thinking about making concept art for games?  
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I mean... Sorry, Can I start again?
Are you creating your art for hobby, or this is your work, because you are very talented and i imagine i could see your pictures in some books, like Mythology or Silmarillion.
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This piece is for a company and their card game HEX. I mostly do things for fantasy card and board games. But is my hobby as well, I plan to do more personal projects in the future. Thanks for the kind words btw :)  
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Shev: Ok! I finished the hydra monster
AD: Ok looks cool! Could you add like a face in the middle, like a creepy screaming mouth.
Shev: uuuuuh... sure man. This ok?
AD: Yeah yeah!, but it feels like it has no sense with the hydra heads now, could you make em like dog skulls or somethin? That would make more sense with the face.
Shev: ... ok. Doing the changes... Here you go!
AD: Aaaahh it looks so awesome man! So sorry again, but could you put some other dogs coming out of it? Like kinda  rabid monster wolves you know. It will unify all of the concepts together.

Shev: .... No queri una paila con huevos revueltos tambien maricon ql hijo el natre wn,por qué no mejor le vay a corregir la vida a tu vieja por haerte pario pajaron ql?
sure man! :3

The end
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Accurate exchange with lots of clients
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Looks amazing!
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