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Been hitting a mild creative slump lately, and I think I could use some new subject matter to scribble to break me out of it.

Just comment below with some reference of your OC's. I can't guarantee I'll get to everything anyone posts here, but I'll draw humans, furries, sonics, robots, creatures, pretty much whatever.
Long time no post!

Or rather, I have been posting, just not on here. I really do need a place to put all my art in one place, and Tumblr just wasn't feeling like it.

Currently I'm cleaning up a lot of old mess and doing some reorganzing, but you can mostly expect in the near future a dump of about three or four years' worth of mostly sonic fancharacters, furries, and pixel art, as well as possibly some kind of status update beyond "hey it's me".
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So, I was feeling like TsurugiOkami was a bit too weeab-ish for me now, not that Tspuun isn't still a bit weeab-ish. Oh well.
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