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Wind City

Something I have chipping away at over the past week weeks, had a lot of fun playing around with the clouds. Hope you like it!
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Fantastic work - very inspirational!

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Wooow! Very inspiring!

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The tall buildings vanishing in the clouds looks magnificent.
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Impressive work!

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Wow, it is very beautiful! I'm amazed))

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WTF ! It's so beautiful... I wonder why AAA games and blockbusters rarely ever use such creativity in environment design.

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Lovely work Thomas!

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This looks like the type of place an airbender could have a field day!

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Creative and photorealistic shapes
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Love the detail!

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Nice really nice! Got a little bit of an Asian Culture touch if I'm not mistaken?

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This looks like cover art for something from TheFatRat. :D

Lovely job. ♥️

It's very imaginative.

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That's certainly evocative. I wonder what those platforms are hanging from.

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maybe a rope from heaven

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