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International City topographical map by TSofian International City topographical map by TSofian
This is the base topography that underlies the International City on Venus. The black areas are the footprints of the fortresses built to defend the city. The defenses protect the urban area from both seaward and landward threats. The base landform geology of Venus consists of large scale flood basalts. This area also shows an array of numerous impact craters. There is also a large salt flat area from an ancient dry lake bed. This did have some impact features but those have been smoothed out by a tsunami in the more recent past. The salt flat is used as the landing field of the orbital craft coming down from the space stations.
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The black spots are fortifications

Key for Fort Map

1 British Coastal fort on an island 9 inch HA converted muzzle……
2 Upgraded traditional Venusian Naxlii/Marbii
3 Russian Fortress with both land and sea fronts 
4 French based on Fort Vaux… more weapons
5 French based on Fort Vaux… more weapons
6 Dutch fortress based on Fort Hoek van Holland…
7 Italian Fort
8 Italian Fort
9 Triple Empire Fort
10 Triple Empire Fort
11 Austrian Fort
12 Austrian Fort
13 Prussian advanced position with 4 15cm howitzers and 4 10 cm guns
14 Prussian fortress group, includes a 4 28 cm gun coastal battery, a battery of 28 cm coastal mortars, a 4 gun 15 cm howitzer batter in turrets, two 4 gun 10 cm gun batteries in turrets
15 Medium British Battery facing the lake- 3 6 inch Mk VII guns…
16 Small British Battery facing the lake-Based on Battery Belmont at Fort Rodd Hill in Canada (2 12 pdrs)
17 United States Coastal Fort, two 12 inch guns in gun lift battery, full Abbott Quad 16 weapon 12 inch mortar battery…
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