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Clear back in March 2016, I was approached on Facebook to discover a big fan of mine passed away.  The man is a big fan of MLP and one of my illustrations was his all time favorites.  The TCI company he worked for knew what he loved, and approached me asking permission to use one of my illustrations.  Their goal was to decorate one of the rooms in honor of their colleague and friend. Needless to say I was honored.  After some discussions back and forth I was able to get them a high resolution version of the artwork, and even updated some areas to improve its visual appeal. This wasn't completed until Bronycon 2016.

I didn't hear back from my contact in Facebook until sometime later. The room was completed around December 2016 due to materials not sticking to the wall appropriately.  The results looks amazing, and definitely is a great commemoration to the late colleague and mlp fan.  Besides the wall size illustration, they also included a design on the glass that shows silhouettes of ponies.

Once again, I'm honored to have been approached and had the opportunity to help out. May he rest in peace, and those dear to him heal and keep him close in memory.

(Small update, his name is Brian.)

ER1 by Tsitra360

ER2 by Tsitra360

ER3 by Tsitra360
You can see the silhouette of Fluttershy on the door. Its also called the Eldemino Room

ER4 by Tsitra360

ER5 by Tsitra360
Cloud Shapes

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Brian must have been well loved by the company for them to do this.  Thumbs up to them.  This was sweet.
MisterJones4899's avatar
I have a ton of respect for the company he worked for.
Wander-Heart's avatar
This is just so sweet.... It warms my heart... 
FrancistheDragon's avatar
They made a really good choice with this specific work of art. It is very serene and calming and reflects the feeling of peace that I, personally, connect with death. Thank you for working with them to make this memorial possible.
PeregrinStaraptor's avatar
It's one thing to be amazed by your work, but to hear that your late fan Brian's fellow colleagues came to you to ask you for one of your works to be dedicated as a memorial to him is very touching. I think if Brian was still among us, he would be very touch to see this. May his kind spirit rest in peace.
LightDragon1988's avatar
This is wonderful!
Josedx9's avatar
wow, impressive
StrumbeatStrings17's avatar
Wonderful. Just wonderful, Tsitra. This is truly touching. ^_^ 
idreamofgenie's avatar
Pretty amazing work!  That ought to liven up the office.
Kachu-AppleKiwi's avatar
That's cool that they made a memorial ^^ and nice of you for letting them use your art.
Kansasjeeper's avatar
There are some very cool people that work at that company.  It makes me want to work there because those people must have good hearts to make meaningful personal connections at work.
crazybeast's avatar
That is pretty awesome of them to do that!
LinksLove's avatar
Always sad to lose someone, but its a very touching and lovely memorial with a lot of heart and effort put into it. :heart: 
A very touching memorial. Thank you for sharing this.
cajobif's avatar
Incredible and very touching.
LilaMuffyn's avatar
wow... just wow really this lets so much hope in my heart that humans actually have a heart and even in relation to work its just... wow really i dont find words to explain how flashed iam
Timmy-22222001's avatar
A personal hats off to how amazing this really is.  Love this fandom so much and how much it keeps wanting to share and connect people.  Even for those who aren't with us anymore.  Major applause to you Tristra360, this is just beyond words beautiful. *standing ovation*

Plus, cheers as well to this amazing company wanting to give this much for not just a fan of the show but an employee they really cared for.  Its incredible. *dries tear*

afl300's avatar
This looks awesome (i live in australia, yay!!)
MadDaDog's avatar
Aww that's so kind of ya'll to do that. :,) I'm pretty sure he's up there looking down on this beautiful memorial screaming with joy <3
WingMcCallister's avatar
They must have really loved that guy to go to these lengths to make such an impressive memorial. 
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
This is beautiful. Thank you for helping give those who love them a way to honor them. 
Unkownbrony52's avatar
May he Rest In Peace. I am sure he would have loved it.
The-WUB-Effect's avatar
This is the coolest thing ive ever seen, im lost for words, R.I.P fellow Pony fan, I hope you found your way to Equestria ❤️
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