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After 28 weeks of being banned I am back!! Oh man its.... wait.... what happened to the logo!? 0_o

(Save any questions about the ban for later, for now, I'm getting the dust off of my DA account)
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I know I'm a bit late to reply here, but I'm glad you are back! I do remain saddened by the fact that Deviantart is such an authoritarian website, ran by incompetent people who allowed you to be banned for so many months... from what I remember out of a mistake involving a false report even. It's a disgrace... I hope better art websites will eventually become more popular and DA will be left in the dust where it belongs.

Anyway, I hope this is alight to ask in these comments. But are you going to ask them about unbanning your other account as well? Not saying which of course, just wondering if it might be fixed too.
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Whoa, looks like I'm a little late to the party, but I'm very happy for you! Welcome back :D
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YAY!!! Now I don't have to follow your tumblr or picatro anymore!
lol I kid, gonna follow yuh no matter wheres. Good to have yuh back!
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Yaaaaay! :D I missed you senpai!
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Welcome back! We've missed you.
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Oh man, I'm terribly late to seeing this!

Welcome back, Tsitra! We all, I'm sure you know by now, missed you very much! Has it really been that long already? Time flies...

I hope you get caught up! A lot can happen in such a time.
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to answer the logo, they made a large article for it and earn a badge as well with it
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Hey! Welcome back! :D
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Welcome back!
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I missed you alot ~~
Tsitra-senpai ^///^
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Welcome back! :-)_
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XD You missed a bit.
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welcome back to the DA family!!!
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DA should have given you a formal apology. |C
The logo thing... Eh... It was... A conversation topic for a long time. It's supposed to be half of an A upside down, and half of an A rightside up. It looks like a Z or a not-equals sign. There's a dA article on it as well as some funny comics if I'm not mistaken.
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welcome back and you miss a lot of things while you banned
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Welcome back! Now you know why they have a new logo! INEQUALITY FOR ALL! ≠ (Because its basically half in inequality sign)
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I did not notice that till now... And it's oh so true... They took away the webcam from us no-premie members. That thing was SO much fun!!!
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There is a code you can use to embed images if you still want to use webcam images~
<img src="image url">
To get the image url, right click on the image you want to use and select "Copy Image URL." Then replace the text between the " marks with the url.  Be sure to keep the " marks though or it won't work

Not sure if that makes sense but hope it was helpful ^^;
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Woooo*Coughcoughcoughcoughcough*, you weren't kidding about the dust. Have a smile, and a feather duster. :D
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so did they believed you and what you said. i'm kinda mad at dA that they target you but i see 1000x worst things than that they claimed you for having on your page
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Oh gosh! Welcome back!

I had explained the situation to my husband and I've shown him your work and he was really confused on how you would've gotten banned.
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