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Your Move

Drawing from the art stream on an idea I had. I like to see how you guys interpret this. Is it a symbolic struggle AJ has against Twi's abilities, or perhaps just a simple silly extreme way of playing chess? Oh, by the way AJ is in this in case you missed her. 

Edit: Just realized I forgot Twi's wings XD, oh well. Classic Twi it is.
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Please tell me Twilight isn't eating those pieces?
In Equestrian Chess, all the pieces are knights.  Also, there's no fighting, so you just kind of push the pieces around.  When you get tired of playing, you just say both players win and you write a letter to Princess Celestia about what you learned.
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though it may be a shame
that this be but a game
yet a simple game would have
no such order or structure or lines
between us two who duel as equals
against the grains of others always changing

I took what you are
yet left you with what you are
to the mind of the queen who
sees nothing but the dial as the trailing
numbers crunch so effortlessly amongst
the stars above and the blades below.

so show me the effort of this lowly
girl who shared her world with the spectacle
of intellectual supremacy of the never ending
dream like an ant pushing a pebble along the
white sand only to loose it with the other pawns
that she herself represents.

"well I normally don't keep poems here but well I guess I should explain. well looking at this I noticed two things.
A. the fact that twilight has the knight and bishop in her mouth and B. Aj is pushing a pawn.  I know this is over thinking but I saw this and thought both the bishop and knight were what Aj once was or more or less is to everyone else. being the element of honesty she would be the best advisor since she can never lie. and also being the strongest of the six physically she would beable to serve as the knight as well, but in the end she is nothing more than a pawn to twilight. or at least that's one way of looking at that part of the picture it also could be that twilight is showing Aj what she is to her but Aj can't see past the fact that she is simply a weak piece to be sacrificed to the queen.

the size difference is another thing but that's for another story lol but all around this is a great piece my friend and keep up the great work
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evil yet very understandable lol great work bro
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Hopefully, she won't be losing to a rug:…
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Yay Unicorn Twilight!!  =D

I didn't even think of a deep interpretation.  I thought that maybe they just were never able to cure AJ of the Poison Joke and she's taking a break from farming by playing a game of chess with Twilight.  Also AJ won't let Twilight move the pieces for her.  Twilight also has a weird appetite for chess pieces.  :P
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Ahaha, awesome perspective. :)
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Poor Applejack
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well twi may be incredibly smart and strategic and AJ is incredibly strong and charismic but in the end chess is a game of moves and strat and not preserverance which is AJ's bread and butter. 
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I can see twlight being good at cheast
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I bet when Giant Twilie gets a checkmate, the tiny pony gets squished XD
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Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Grin 3 Brains over brawn MLP Applejack (Hangover) Plz 
Twilight's expression reminds me of the cat in Tom and Jerry
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How do you take a classic game like Chess to the next level? First, you make yourself smaller, then you use magic to move the pieces around.
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Applejack, what did I tell you about playing in the Poison Joke before playing games with Twilight?
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This is beautiful <3 Great work, Tsitra ^^
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twi, stop. that's not fair you don't see AJ licking all your pieces stop doing it to hers. bad twi bad. no wings for you till you play fair.
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All I gotta say is this:

Yes, I am an AJ fan. Farm girl is best pony. AJ hat-chew icon 
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I just thought it was a tiny AJ playing chess against Twilight, but that's actually a really good way to symbolize a dumb hick matching wits with an egghead.
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I wish I could be there in Applejack's place, her size.
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