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Winona is definitely a happy free spirited dog. Inspired by my own dog who loves weaving in and out of my legs.

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i love dogs im a dog sitter and i might get a puppy of my own soon

it's good to see winona in such vivid detail she looks almost like a real dog

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Just stunning. Love the shading and fur pattern!
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Dawwwwwww lovely!
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Awwwwwwww!!!! Who's a cute puppy!? You r! :3
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Hey Tsitra360 do you have a ref sheet for your oc? because i need one for a giant fanart i'm doing :|
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This is very beautiful. I love the fun expression for Winona. Keep up the excellent work! :)
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this is amazing! also are you ponythroat?! your art is really similar to his! i need an answer!! by the way, you should've made applejack's fur a llliiiittttllleee bit more grey but it still looks freakin fantastic!Jacksepticeye Triggered 
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OMG YOU ANSWERED!!! i still wonder if you are ponythroat thoughI am a dummy! 
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soo adorablee!! >3<
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I don't even watch My Little Pony but your art is so glorious. I can't stop looking through your wonderful work! :O
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I'm really enjoying the composition of this illustration!  (and happy Winona, of course!)
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Oh my god this is soooo pretty!11!!!
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Love the details on that beloved dog. :)
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This is so great
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Who's a good girl? X3
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