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Why So Sad - 30 Min Art Challenge

A 30 minute art challenge, the random topic was.... Sad Pony in snow. From my-little-art-challenge.tumblr…

Real Time Video - Watch how I drew this.
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*hugs affectionately*

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Why're you crying...?
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What materials did you use on this ?
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What materials did you use in this ? And daumm 30mins looks impossible to do 
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30 minutes! How?!
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reminds me of the WWII bombing of Berlin,
afterwords this is what children would look like
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30 minutes?!
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Heavy: what did she look like 

Britannia: she looked like a child form the blitz cold, scared, her home bombed to atoms and possibly hungry 

back then 

Britannia: hay *kneels down* whats the matter?

Rainbow: *crying* my home has been blown up and I......I don't know where Scootaloo is 

Britannia: Scootaloo?

Rainbow: my sister 

Britannia: *stands up and cocks rifle* don't worry ill find her I promise 
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l like your comment
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Beautiful, captivating, intriguing.

I love the small details and the small flakes of snow.

I hope that you have a great and blessed day! 
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This makes me feel like someone died...So you did a great job! :D
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WOW you can feel the emotion in this....
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w-w-w-winter time, winter time sadness..

doesn't work as well

nice painting tho :D
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Hmmm, looks like she just got dumped. That sucks. :|
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wow, I saw this and a fanfic style caption came to my mind out of a desire to explain why she is so sad. Your art is beautifully done.
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...damn, that face.
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She just googled "Rainbow Dash" without safe search.
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I feel like google searching "Scootaloo" without safe search is more like it.
MrHugoDrax's avatar
Yes, but knowing Dash's self absorbed demeanor either is possible.
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...uhm, no offense, but that kind of looks like an expression someone would make before dying. O.o
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I love this paint but too realistick for me 
I cant watch this picture 
If i watch im crying XDDDDD
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