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Wake Up Dash

As a wonderbolt, she must maintain an early morning routine. Nothing new to her from her weather pony days, but its still a chore for her to get up.

Question: Are you a morning pony?

Finally finished this piece after 6 months of putting it in hiatus.
Watch how I painted this here:
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Just noticed Derpy
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It do unfav sometimes.. they need to fix this..
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<3 THIS Thank you ever so much, you're brilliant! x
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I'm a night pony, myself :)
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I love the way the wonderbolts suit is displayed 
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Answer - Eh, nope! but i do have to get up early for school -_-
Absolute love the light
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Nice uniform in that wardrobe,it would be 20%cooler than old one.
And it seems that Twili's photo is on Dash's bedside table😁. That's so adorable😉Really a nice work!
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The little Dash slippers on the bottom right corner XD cute
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I'm a 'wake up when I'm ready' kinda pony XD

Why do I get the feeling Spitfire is just gonna pop in the window at any moment and yell "RISE AND SHINE CRASH!!!" ? lol
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Another masterpiece from one of the best in the fandom! Love the look on her face, quite often the same on mine waking real early. Which should answer your question ;).
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I hate mornings. Rather be up all night
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NICE redraw!! I remember you did a drawing very similar, which was one of the first that I saw from you. I really enjoy how your style has changed over the years :)
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Same here, dashie 
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Funny as hell.    ^^  
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Awesome piece dood! <D Also:

WHERE IS MY WONDERBOLT SUIT?!?! (I had to, especially since Incredibles 2 is coming out soon xD)
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I like your arts very much.
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Me: *Enters room* Hey alright?
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*Night pony* 
I love the lighting! Nice to see new artwork from you!
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She does not want to.
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