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Vinyl Scratch_LOUDER



Buy as a print at WeLoveFine's website at [link]

This actually started out as a doodle. It was fun to make. To all bronies, take a look around for a few easter eggs. Just for credit, the vinyl art is album art by Silva and General Mumble (check them on youtube, they make awesome songs)


Time: around 12 hours
Programs: Photoshop CS5/ Sketchbook Pro
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Okay, I'm going to tell you straight forward, I love this piece. Everything about it. I think you did and absolutely amazing job.
I say that the angle is just great. you can really see Vinyl's features and records. Oh! The records, great detail on those too. I like how you put the words on the one and the hoofs on the other one.
You also did just a great job with the shading, just absolutely amazing. The lighting and how you made it look like everything was glowing like the billboard in the background for example. The LOUDER!! Piece is just great. That really must have taken so long to get everything the way you wanted it to be, But look at the outcome! Just, I have so many nice things to say about this piece! I also like how you put the 'trail' from her headphones in the piece too. That little detail makes the piece so much better.
Honestly, the only part I don't like about this is how you made the goggles look like glasses, not goggles. Everything else is just, beautiful. Everything from the lighting to the little extra details that most people would not include.
Keep up the great work!
By the way this is my first critique so it may not be all that great but, still, its my opinion that this piece is wonderful. Not everyone will agree with me. I may not agree with everyone's opinion just I won't say its wrong.