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Twilight's Twilight

Looking at a twilight sky, through a rocky cavern. Enjoy :)

Licensed and approved by Hasbro! Sold on WeLoveFine.
Tee available in Black…

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I really like this... the emotion and splendor just shine through th- OH MY GOD A CRAB!
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Dat looks gorgeous!
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Nice touch with the little crab in the corner.
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What a great concept! The scene is beautiful and you can clearly tell it's Twilight. I really like how you did her cutie mark too.
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So beautiful and amazing!
Will these be available as Prints? I'd rather have them hanging on the wall than in my closet.
dajordanator's avatar
this looks amazing! very well done!!!
UndeadMasterWitch's avatar
wow, that looks so real!
ask-Mythrill-Skies's avatar
I dont know just makes me feel sad... probably the name...

Anyway, good job!
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I can't even describe how I feel about this; it's that amazing.
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That's...that's..THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!Speciali the cutie mark <3
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I had to pick up a Twilight shirt for my co-worker's son and I went with this design since his father doesn't approve of MLP this design is subtle and only those in the know would appreciate it!

Great design!
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I like how this could be seen as including the Earth, Sky (Pegasi), and Sun/Moon (unicorn's old duty). She is all three now...
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Why is Twilight like, 20% cooler then all the rest of the pony T's?
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Is it bad that this made me think of MLP G1
CodeDashie's avatar
Why would you mention that? I think I've fainted. 
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You've really OUTDONE yourself THIS time Tsitra360!!!! :nod: :D LOVE IT!!!! :squee:
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worship the cheese :iconcheeseplz:
Lost-Our-Dreams's avatar

xD rofl

ermegerd I love your art and timelapse videos

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This is absolutely gorgeous, I'm buying it as soon as I have the money.
One thing though, Twilight's cutie mark is a six-pointed starburst, and you've done an eight-pointed one here. Why?
MissiTofu's avatar
Yeah, I noticed that after I bought the shirt and it made me a bit sad but it's still a stunning design :D
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