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The Pink is a Lie

Well this one was a bit more time consuming, but worth it :) Enjoy. (Comment? I may not be able to reply to everyone but I do read them all)

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Adorable Pink Cake-Pone 
extreme cake silliness for the win
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Extreme silliness.
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The pink was a lie.
The pink was also a pie.
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You are wonderful <3
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at first i thought wait were is fluttershy ;-; (she is my fav pony) then i saw her.

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I didn't see the others around the cake until I zoomed in.
I first thought I misread Sugar Cube Corner, Why was I thinking Sugar Cake Corner?
Just realized I made a cake is a lie reference... Unintended, but still...
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My first impression: a mixture of chuckles and wot??? The hat was distracting, but then I realised that it was a baker's hat and she's wearing a cooking apron.

Love the party cannon and the little MLP plastic figures on the cake.
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Uh-Oh party cannon alert.
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pinkie will never sell any cakes if she keeps destroying them. oh well at lest she looks adorable while doing it
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But there's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying til you run out of cake.
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Gotta say, Pinkie with the baker's hat is really cute. :)
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look the little pinkie flies off again xD
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This is just a real awesome to ogle at. Thanks for sharing it with us. 
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Hey I'm planning to have this printed on my cake for my birthday. Is that cool?
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Dude, your peofile pic is the backround for my computer.
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i really like all ponies :) <3
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I love how the only little pony figure that we can't see is Pinkie's, and she's IN the cake. :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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The little figurine is actually beside pinkie herself! Flying, because Pinkie came out of the cake! I just saw that, too.
(All the figurines honestly, I didn't look closely. I just saw it and clicked fav, then I looked at it today and kept looking for pinkie's figurine, then I saw it by Pinkie herself!)
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Pinkies was the one I saw first actually, then I noticed the others in the cake!
Is that the companion cube in the corner?
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