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The Apple And Pie

That was quite a fun episode, and a fun drawing!  Enjoy :)

Timelapse, see how it was made:
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Applejacks like, *I don’t like to be pictured*

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wait are AJ and pinkie cousins? Confused Centipeetle 
or am I wrong?Confused 
shadowboltthefox's avatar
pinkie found a scroll that said that and they might be but who knows 
nekomiKasai's avatar
dukesawolf  haha we're so doing this next time cous~! :giggle:
Fermin-Tenava's avatar
Pinkie's smile is ever so brightly, and Applejacks look says it all :)
Sweater01's avatar
Don't they know you shouldn't look directly into the camera
Mlp4ever-yay's avatar
Ah, the episode that killed all of the ApplePie shippers... Well, most of them.
JellyzBeans's avatar
Exactly xD but people can still ship them cousin or not.
Fermin-Tenava's avatar
Nah, I still think "Cousin" is a code word. Like it was in the american dubbing of Sailor Moon :D
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Dont you get the red eye effect by using a flash?
why would you use that in bright day...
oh right... its her
Billblok's avatar
I like the additional red eye. Nice touch!
Vermillon-Loup's avatar
Very bonito! nwn I like it a lot!
P1nkFluff's avatar
Brazilian o3o?
Brasileira o3o?
SweetHearthMlp's avatar
Are you brazilian vivian-aguiar?
riley709's avatar
i seen the video and i love your art
Luletu021's avatar
Aww... I loved this episode!
oddlyfuntime's avatar
what drawing tool do yall use?

p.s. LOOK IT'S ME!
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