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Originally Uploaded Feb 23 2015

Tatljack, what an adorable abomination :)

Lines: :icontsitra360:
Colors: :iconvest:

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I really like this, may I ask where this form of Applejack came from?
FALLOUTDOG3's avatar
the mad god was here
RukarioTrainer's avatar
Where did this idea come from?
GalaxyCalotype's avatar
is her lower jaw supposed to look like that?
katija176's avatar
Love your artwork and vids

i'm subs to you and your buds
zilvart's avatar
Cool O: a bit weird tho :S
wilnet1tractor's avatar
I watched a movie, Mega snake, I believe. Had a simular get up mouth.
joni9908's avatar
does tatzl here mean the god that eats everything in the inca mythology?
RoyalRick's avatar
D'awwwwwww, love Tatzljack so much~ <3
cat-in-the-web's avatar
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Tatzljack is an adorable abomination, indeed!!! Just look at her! :heart: :heart: :heart:
golferdude666's avatar
Dude, you did a great job on this! Tatzlponies are best ponies. I need a friendly Tatzlpie to cuddle with.
catz537's avatar
I keep seeing Applejack with a dragon tail here and there popping up in pony groups and I don't understand why
lupus1970's avatar
I love the glee-ful expression on her face
Even with her mouth closed, people still think she's adorifying. lol.
That's got to be one of the best things about tatzlponies. Making people want to hug them while crying in fear.
KushMastaFresh's avatar
It doesn't quite make you wanna scream "KILL IT!" but if it gets too close you might feel the need to defend yourself. Is she friendly or not? I wonder
DoughnutJoe's avatar
The simultaneous Burn It!/Hug It! reactions are both quite strong. :)
Tsitra360's avatar
She is friendly, but she does uses her mouth tongues as a way to hug. So watch out.
golferdude666's avatar
Mouth tongue hugs are the best weird hugs. 
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