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I loved the episode too much, I made a second drawing based on the episode. Actually expect to see this as a print at Everfree! Cya there!

Watch how I painted this.
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Never seen one like this before. Showing off a lot of energy !
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yes like a baddass
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I wish I could draw like that
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holly crap effects are on point
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I so happy I bought this amazing art work at Bronycon:) and thank you for  signing  As well :) 
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The pose is amazing!
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That grass is like the best thing ever!
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That's hard on the knees you know
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Totally impractical.  They all do it.
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WOW. Simply WOW.

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how do they leave smoke trails do they fart & fly?
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Magic manifested like with unicorn horns?
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my guesses:
clouds have water in them and when the pegasi fly through them, their feathers and furr soak up these water particles
and when they zoom around, the water evaporates and leaves a trail
when they stretch their hooves out in front of them when they fly, clouds ball up and form some kind of cloud barrier
and that moves under their bellies and out behind them leaving a smokey cloud trail

or they could just be magical pony-planes :I 
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I dunno, seems more likely than flatulence.
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I've been a Spitfire fan since she was shown, and you capture this landing amazingly well. Wish I could have gone to Everfree to purchase this print from you. You are amazing at making Spitfire look amazing. Wish I could write more without repeating myself, on how awesome this image looks to me.
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That hero landing tho xD
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