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Sunset Treat_Speed Painting

One of the requests from tonights request stream. Unfortunately only had time for two. It was an excuse to practice this oil painting style I've been working on.

Horse On Water_Speed Painting by Tsitra360 
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nice work! I like the shinies
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Very pretty. :)
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If that is not difficult..But I'll be very grateful!
I'll adopt of my OS.
Can you request?
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" Phew! I can't survive summer heat without these.... Hmm. Ahhh. Much better. Too bad they're getting more expensive and smaller by the years! *sigh* I think I'll buy myself another one... Or trying to make summer heat disappears? Hmm.... Interesting... Nah. I like beach times."

Wonderful work
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Aw... If only Sunset had her Flashy to share treats with.
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AYe ? green ice cream ? How do dat taste ?
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Well if it were green ice cream it'd be minty! But judging by the darkness of the green it's probably just a popsicle.
jyroman53's avatar
Ooooh Right ! I'm Stoopid !
Tesseradical17's avatar
No worries, mate. Actually, the idea of something like lime or green apple ice cream got me curious, so I looked them up, and it turns out both flavors can look just as dark as that popsicle, they really exist! So it's very possible it's one of those.
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Ooooh I must try thoses !
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This looks awesome! OuO
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Enjoying her summer with ice cream. :)
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Your art is till amazing.
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I love your new painting style. It seems to trick my brain into seeing more detail than is actually there.
I think the painting might work better without her flank and tail. It adds perspective but robs attention from her face.
Why doesn't she have a mouth? I guess I can't really visualize how that would look though. Perhaps a tongue?
Well anyway, I really like it as it is.

Usually my eyes want to follow the gaze of the subject but in this case they don't. How did you do that?
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Love your work :D Enjoying your tutorials too <3
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