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Style Changes Everything

I wanted to see what my two styles looked side to side.

Cartoony/Comic on the left.  Realistic Detailed on the right.
Which style do you like?
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I much prefer the one on the right. It is more realistic. Yet it doesn't take away from the character. For this reason, I think the ponies in the movie looked better than they do in the tv show. I would like to believe that neotenous purple unicorn ponies are real. Great job on the picture.

Princess Twilight Sparkle Clap 
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i like how you do the fur its so real
keep going in this new style
I like it exactly as shown...half one way and half the other. :)  Now we just have to come up with an absolutely dreadful backstory...
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Wooow it's amazing!!
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While I do love both of your styles, I prefer the cartoony one. Personally, I think it better suits the whole cartoon horse thing, but your realistic detailed style is incredible and unique. 
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Aside from the eyelashes, what's the difference?  Just kidding.  Yes I like the realistic one more.
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I like more your new style, is too real!!
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Before | After

That improvement!! Awesome sauce!!
I like the realistic style. You should do more artwork in that style!
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at first. they looked the same.. but now... they still look the same
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actually both,but realistic is heaven
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I like the realistic one more x3
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The hair is throwing me off. Like the bigness of it should be switched imo. Liking both styles a lot 
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This can be context dependent.

Painted realistic style is better, when shapes of character and charisma of character visualization itself and lightning/coloring/attractive body are main plot of picture.

If picture have some story and scenario - realistic drawing does not add much, and seems to be just wasted time.

If picture is about movement and dynamic and motion and action/dramatic emotions, then both styles are suitable.

Painted awesome portrait? It might be cool.

Cartoony  comic-style portrait (without funny text)? Likely to be boring.  Only one exception I know - is captainpudgemuffin's over-cuteness comics style. But it use funny text jokes too, and extremely impressive face expressions (with realistic subtle skin folds and face muscles outlines)
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Right, but I honestly like both!
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I like both, but the realistic is the one I like YOUR art. It requires more time and practice and the result is pretty interesting.
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I honestly think both are prefectly fine
the one on the left lets us see the details on how you do the drawing since we can see the lines, and this with some effects leaves a simple drawing, yet it can look so incredible.
the one on the right is perfect for portraits or paintingsand probably that's how a lot of people want to draw in the future, of course it is a little more difficult to make and to observe, everytime I encounter something of the same style i can pass a ridiculous amount of time looking at it just to "capture" every detail.
So yeah, like both uvu
(sorry for potentially typo, english is not my mother language)
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I love the right one!! <3
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The "right" one is reeealy deep!
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The more detailed, kind of realistic style is my favourite because it is quite unique! :) There are very few people out there who can do it! Whereas I feel that more people develop a similar style to the comic side. But they're both excellent, of course. 
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