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Strange Loki Ponies (Collab with Vest)


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Part 2 of 4 of drawings I made with :iconvest:. Back in January I had an art request stream with Vest. I take the request and draw the lines, then I pass it off to Vest and he colors it. It was a lot of fun!

Watch how Vest and I worked together:…

Honey I shrunk your sister (Collab with Vest) by Tsitra360  Fly Into Space (Collab with Vest) by Tsitra360  Kimodo Sunset (Collab with Vest) by Tsitra360 
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Strange Glimmer uwu
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All we need is Rainbow Dash as Thor and we could re-create the mid-credits scene from "Doctor Strange":

Starlight Strange: "Tea"?

Rainbow Thor: "I don't drink...tea"!

Starlight Strange: "What do you drink, then"?

Rainbow Thor: "Not tea".

(cup of tea magically becomes mug full of cider)

Rainbow Thor: "Awwwwww yeah"!!

Starlight Strange: "So...I keep a watchlist of beings and individuals that may pose a threat to this world. The Great And Powerful Loki Lulamoon is one of those beings"!

Rainbow Thor: "A worthy inclusion"!

(gulps down mugfull of cider which then refills itself)

Rainbow Thor: "Awesome! I gotta get a mug like this for myself"!

Starlight Strange: "Yes, so anyways...why bring her here to Manehatten"?

Rainbow Thor: "Well, it's a long drama, that sort of thing, but...we're looking for my dad"!

Starlight Strange: "Oh okay, so if you found Odin Hothoof you'd all return to Cloudsdale promptly"?

Rainbow Thor: "Oh yes, promptly"!

Starlight Strange: "Great! Allow me to help you"!

The Great And Powerful Loki Lulamoon: "Hey, don't I even get a line in this scene"?!
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yes you do. but later. it's "I'VE BEEN FALLING FOR THIRTY MINUTES!"
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Omg Loki!! 😍😍
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Loki Trixie look awesome
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So jealous of everything :3
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Honestly, I really don't like mlp crossovers because they're everywhere, but this was so well drawn it's hard to hate :*
And you should SEE the stuff I post on badly-drawn MLP crossovers
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Love their expressions!
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I love the dynamic between these two characters.  ^^

And these "cosplays" somehow fit very well. 

Also, I love the details and execution here.  Wonderful work!  :D
Starlight Strange and the great and powerful Loki
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Loki Trixie is best!
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So awesome!! :D
That is a brilliant bit of crossover! Absolutely love the ideas!
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Oh my, we got dark forces. :o Alicorn Amulet is back too. :o
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