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Stallions of All Sizes

Whoops, I actually finished this months ago but forgot to post it! ^^;  Anyways, I wanted to draw some of my favorite male characters and I lined them up giving them some different heights.  And I remember I was testing out a more simpler coloring style.

Edit: Its not a canon size chart at all, just my own personal ideas Otherwise half of the characters would be one size, haha.
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The rare males of Equestria whom got more screentime than background males.

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flash sentry?

depend what timeline or story the size can change.
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Big mac's not that big, I guess
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Look @ thos bois... Children
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Awesome job!! :D The the only stallion that is missing is King Sombra. xDD Other then that! Great job! 

King Sombra Icon 1Crystalssssss 
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Really love Soarin for some reason...
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Almost everypony is gay for him 
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Huh, Never would have thought Cheese Sandwich was the same height as Big Mac.
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Hm. I thought Trenderhoof would be the same height as Zephyr Breeze
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Yeah, thought so too
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The show really needs more Rumble...
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I love this a lot. 
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Wait where is celly here ?
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These are STALLIONS, darling.  I do believe Celestia considers herself a mare. xDD
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I don't get it...
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Quite simple, darling.
The title of the drawing is "Stallions of All Sizes".  Stallions are male ponies/horses.
This commenter was asking where Celestia was. 
Celestia is a mare; a female pony.  Therefore, it would not make sense for Celestia to be in this height chart, based off of its title.

Hope that helps, dear.
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lol for some reason I read your comment without reading the top? parent comment? idk what it's called lol
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Ooooh right ! I didn't saw that !
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