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Looks like Dash is the squirt now!

Watch how I painted this here

Dress Up by Tsitra360  Big Sis Now by Tsitra360 
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Macrophilia little pony,
I used to wonder what cringe could be,
Macrophilia little pony,
Til you posted this thingy
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The giant chicken is here!!!! :D
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By the look on Dash´s face I can clearly tell that Scootaloo took her scooter to get to the clubhouse, and that Dash was hanging on her wing the entire time...
Dash looks ungrateful here. She should be thrilled to be in the presence of "Big" Scootaloo.
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Hah! whose the squirt now?
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You really love making giant/tiny pony comparisons, don't you? XD You've got a lot of these.
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Kyaaahh that excited vibe on this entire pic... <3
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Aww, Scoot can take care of her now :meow:
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Like a little plushie.
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Cute. What do you suppose Scootaloo is going to do with little Dash?
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Play with her like an action figure.
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looks like pony throats art
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so cute and amazing! o3o
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Oh my gosh, that is so cute! XD
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aww, scoot's face is so cute! 
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I love just how adorable this is :D. Super well done, i like how dark purple Scoots hair is
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Is it coincidenc, that I seen this get drawn on you tube! Also, nice handy work simply amazing :)
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She always was Dashie's biggest fan...
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