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Squid Pone

Finished commission for Brendon. I had a lot of fun with this one considering I love pones and splatoon!

Watch how I painted this in this video:…

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This is the best cross over!

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I have a quick question (faved the art btw) how many tentacles are the hair? just curious (and because there's an unspoken rule involving inklings and octolings)
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This is very amazing!!!Fluttershy Clap Fluttershy Clap 
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I love real splatoon hhhhhhhh whats ur highest rank
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I want the game when it comes out X3
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The game Splatoon and its sequel
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This is so fun
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that tentacle confused me at first...but I would definitely play this kind of splatoon
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Nice, I never played Splatoon, but from what I seen from one of the streamers I watch, it does look all sorts of crazy fun
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*browsing popular 24 hrs*

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Glad to provide something different in the mix, lol.
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A unique OC drawn by one of the most prominent artist in the fandom qwq
What could be better? <3
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Love the designs for the character.
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Love everything about it
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