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Spitfire Trail_Kallisti IV Request 5

This was requested by Arcanel. From the charity stream Kallisti IV on Saturday. Thanks to all who joined in the massive multi-artist stream, and special thanks to those who donated!

About the Kallisti IV charity stream:…

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Spirfire's one of my favourite Pegasi on MLP :D
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Love the concept, and the fact Spitfire isn't in uniform, not exactly a common thing to see.
sonicrainbowmlp's avatar
just like "i'm the sun"
lulochao's avatar
i love your artwork.
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
All she needs is a keytar and some star sunglasses and this'll be perfect. 
PhiliChez's avatar
yer tail's a burnin'!

This is a great pic
iamli3's avatar
oooh now that's cool.....
Kyoshyu's avatar
Quite fiery. :)
SQuietSonamy's avatar
That looks just awesome and epic! Great coloring and nice gradually overlap of her tail and trail :)
OHCF's avatar
Spitfire using Electro Ball. That's all I can see :iconpikachuplz:.
I probably watch too much Pokemon anime.
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"Was totally worth my next ten years of holidays vacations for this wish realized by Princess Celestia!"

Awesome work.
AdmiralPopeye's avatar
Oh, this is awesome!
BB-K's avatar
Fire & the sun, a nice touch for Spitfire. :)
Pexxastar-OLD's avatar
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Okay, THAT is how you draw Spitfire. Hoofbump!!
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Awesome! :la: I'm not even sure what the fireball is supposed to be exactly, but I love it ^^
BUtterKA's avatar
Wow amazing !
I love the space and fire part of tail :3 (sorry for bad engish)
AffinityShy's avatar
Your lighting and values are just amazing! That cosmic background is a really neat idea. Celestia raises the sun, but Spitfire IS the sun. I hope I can help out in Kallisti V. I wasn't good enough for Kallisti IV.
NakiFeral's avatar
Oh this is just wicked.
Arcanel8's avatar
I wasn't able to see the completion of this sadly, but I was the one who requested it, and HOLY HELL OF THE HEAVENS THAT LOOKS SO AMAZING HOW DO OR COULD POSSIBLY EVEN!? Thank you very very very much for taking the request and for drawing it, it looks absolutely and positively gorgeous. =)
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