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SpeedPaint Practice

Drew these in Black and White first and converted to color, I wanted to get a little more faster, and better with this method. Not too bad, need to do the same practice with backgrounds.

You can see these individually on my Tumblr:…
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You painted these in a speedy method? That's incredible!!
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Cute Spike c:
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Is it only me or you really like to draw tongues lately? :) What method you use when colouring values painting? Mask or brush to set in some mode?
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He's into vore, that's why.
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Really nice I love your style ^^
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This is very great
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Lovely, love Spike in this one, and we all love Rara for having the best singing voice today.
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This is super cool. Yo're for me byg inspiration and idol. Thats amazing and i love the pony from new epuisode. She's super cool.
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I have a question. How do you color the drawing when it's in black and white? I've always wanted to try it out, but I don't know how...
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well, he uses photoshop. So, he colours and shades each part with black, white and gray, then he sets the hue/saturation.
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Thanks. I messed around with Photoshop and figured out a way to do it.(apparently you just have to set the color layer to multiply...)
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Very nice. Very nice indeed.
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Awww dem faces on Rara and AJ....also spike looks really peeved at something =p
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He's mad because I don't draw him enough
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Woah! Beautiful artwork!
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Most impressive...
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Oooooo, so awesome~ :D

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