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Speed Paint - Zecora

Art Stream request Zecora

Zecora - Requested by ZenakuRinbi

Should I finish and make this a full illustration?

Octavia Speed Paint by Tsitra360 

Mature Content

Speed Paint - Thunderlane by Tsitra360
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I love the textured background and the dramatic perspective! They really enhance the mood of this picture! Love 
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The lighting is amazing! Love the angle you chose to do this in as well! ^ ^
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That looks so cool!  The angle is awesome, and so is the energy.
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The brush strokes is good. The pot is reminding me of "Pinkie's Brew" XD Let's call it Zecora's Brew
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Wow! Looks cool. Love the lighting and expression. Very energetic.
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"And now the final ingredient for my newest of concoction
Would be...  Huh?*sigh* no surprise to be missing from my rations...

Wonderful work
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Full illustration, please. Nice work!
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This is very great
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Brewing brewing, whatever concoction in there, hahaha!
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Pretty darn cool
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Nice work mate. Style worthy of offline critical acclaim. Energy and expression well captured here. Well done /) 
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That's pretty nice.
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This one is astounding!
ZenakuRinbi's avatar
yey awesome Tsitra
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This is awesome (as always). Yes, please make this a full illustration. 
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Really wonderful work, I love the painterly style. Very impressive!
Demao's avatar
Yes, yes you should.   We don't have enough of the mad witch doctor of the Everfree.
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This is soon cool
ThePieOfPies's avatar
Jk I'm the 7th or 8th :P
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