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Speed Paint - Thunderlane

Art Stream request on Thunderlane

Thunderlane wearing an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.  Requested by InkTwist
Octavia Speed Paint by Tsitra360 Speed Paint - Zecora by Tsitra360  
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Umm....pretty sure this does not need a mature content rating. XD 
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The mature tag isn't necessary, this is more funny than anything else.
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...heeeeeee! :D
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That's kinnnnnda gay, Thunderlane... I APPROVE
I can just imagine rumble walking in on him xD
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Killerwolf-Lockheart's avatar
Okay, I thought of something different, but when I opened it, I laughed xD
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Just...just why.
Amazing-Pony's avatar
I think Thunderlane had a drink too much. 
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hey if it got me a date with spitfire i'd do it too thunderlane. rock on bro.
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Thunderlane, what were you thinking?! A one-piece would have been better.
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Its a dare
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So Thunderlane, explain it^^
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Nice one! Haha!
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lol That is so good XD
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