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Soda and Pizza Pones

Originally Uploaded Feb 25 2015

Who's hungry for some pizza and soda?! Something silly I imagined after a dinner of pizza.

Berry Swirl by Tsitra360
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Pizza and Rootbeer ponies? I'm cool with that.
Princess-of-Trolls's avatar
Pizza pone looks absolutely adorable. X3
Pizza! [Free Icon] Nice work! :)
Doblyno's avatar
God I'm hungry
Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar
The Pizzy-pony is undoubtful my favorite here :D 
niccosaint's avatar
1. Eat a pizza
2. Drink soda
3. ???
4. Profit
xandraclay's avatar
What an amazing idea! Pizza pony's hair looks fantastic! But soda pony is my favorite! I love how you can see the soda level in the body and the bubbles rising from the pink hair is just awesome!
NickMaster64's avatar
i bet their names are SODA POP and PIZZA PIE those would be good names for them :3
KnifeLynx's avatar

jaja muy creativo Christmas Request - Pizza glomp Soda glomp 
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I love the soda pony
Stuntpony's avatar
It's night here. I had eaten a tasty dinner.

... Now I want pizza.
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"Don't tempt me, pizza girl, I've been holding back this entire time."
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i'd assume for the pizza one, you just eat the mane. (same goes with berry swirl)
PsjthekidRS's avatar
OMC this gives me an idea for a roleplay :3 Thanks Tsitra!!
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
They look delicious :D
PoetBrony's avatar
Creepy...  yet awesome! =D
WildKrattsFanatic's avatar
I'll eat them. LOL Joking!
Hope pinkie doesn't try to eat them
Wavedrake's avatar
I just had lunch and I'm hungry now. Pizza tail must be soooo tasty....
ConnectingCreativity's avatar
Seems pony-spactular! Also we'res the wings can't have pizza without the wings am I right ! 😆
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awesome! i wanna eat that soda pony 
Stuntpony's avatar
You mean drink? X)))
broqentoys's avatar
pppsshh, that was exactly what i meant.
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