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Soarin - Apple Pencil Drawing

My first real solid drawing using the Apple Pencil on my iPad. Man shading on the side of the pencil felt so natural! It brought back my old memories drawing with graphite back in the day.
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Wow, I'm going to seriously invest in an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro now after seeing this.

By the way, what app did you use for this?
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Woah, this looks really natural for a digital drawing. I'm really looking into getting one of these, especially since my Cintiq pen is on the brink, not sure if the iPhone screen is big enough though :O
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The apple pencil sadly only works on the ipad pro at the moment!
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I know, I found out when I asked at the apple store. I just got this incredulous look and they pointed me to the new iPad.

I cried when I saw the price tag. X)

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We just bought it, i think it's very worth the price! But still expensive yes.
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I definitely agree with you, I'm saving up for it at the moment. Its like an all in one sketchbook and you don't have to worry about loosing pencils, markers or erasers! And the nib literally feels like your touching the screen, not glass like you get with a Cintiq. I was very impressed when I demo'd one.
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Nice:D and yea i kinda miss the graphite feel as well. but its never to late to go back and draw some traditional. i recommend you do that sometimes atleast do sketches with graphite, i actually prefer that kinda^^
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Looks great! Then again, you are one of the best pony artists out there.
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Quite amazing. :)
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man sitra, this looks amazing! Still amazed by your glorious talent. Do you have a drawing of the first pony u ever drew
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You're so much better than me art art.
I suck at art compared to you :c
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We all progress at art in our own pace. Some fast, some slow. I know I was a slow one. It took over a decade for me to be at this level, and I still have a ton to learn.  As long as you enjoy what you do, it won't matter what others draw. Keep drawing, keep doing what you do.
MellyMadness's avatar
I guess.
I'll just have to keep climbing up that hill of slippery pencils.
Even if it takes me 10000000+ years.

Also, I'm still carelessly fangirling over the fact you'd reply to a lowly no-brained person like me o.o
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That's amazing!
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Wow, it looks natural and really amazing
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Looks like it was done right on paper
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apple pencil...... oh come on
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Very nice job on this.
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This looks great! good job!
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The shading is fantastic. Great Job!
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