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Smores Rarity

Part of a theme of pony sweets. Which one is your favorite?

Watch the art time-lapse:

Skittles Dash by Tsitra360  Applejack Pie by Tsitra360  Smores Rarity by Tsitra360  Sherbet Twilight by Tsitra360  Cotton Pinkie by Tsitra360  Shy Peeps by Tsitra360 
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Hi i have a question is rarity's favorite sweet smores :-?

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Ha, I knew Rarity was made of marshmallow!

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I hate to see her as a marshmallow only by the fact she white, is really stupid!

the art is still really good but i don't her as a marshmallow! so i give 9/10!

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Marshmallows.... (including Rarity)

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Favorite pony with my favorite pop-tart flavor!  Yes please!
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Mama RarityHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

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:iconrarityplz: Dahling, don't you know, smores are the most efficient way to lighten ones skin and dazzle everypony with your beauty
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But rarity wouldn’t the gooey marshmallows wreak havoc on your perfectly styled mane?

lol sorry  I couldn’t help myself 
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Awwww all these dessert with the main six are awesome~ Hey just wondering if you'd be open to suggestions about making a dessert theme with Sunset Shimmer, Discord or Starlight Glimmer? I think it would be really cool to see the re-formed bad guys having their own dessert fashion show too. ^^
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I see the Smores, but where is Rarity? o.O
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This works so well!! XD
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I'd say this is my favorite of these as anything with marshmallows and chocolate gets my attention! Also one of the best Rarity expressions I've seen!
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beautiful =) 
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Rarity finally realized her destiny of being a Marshmallow.
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John Cleese Impression-

"Dear sir, I wish to make a minor complaint concerning my smores for dessert. There appears to be a Rarity hidden among the marshmallows, who is under the misapprehension that she is indeed a marshmallow herself. Mind, I am not cross, rather, I am rather fascinated in finding a Rarity, but I am merely concerned that the packaging brand for these marshmallows is placing other Raritys within their marshmallow packages, thus sending them to their certain death of being eaten." 
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Thank you for the warning.  I'll be sure to extract the Rarity from mine, and be sure they are safe and cared for.
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Do make it so, please. I wouldn't want to return to find my Rarity deceased and no more.
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Well, you said there were many...
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...I'm getting hungry!
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Rarity is best s'morse.
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